10 tips how to innovate your business during and after COVID19

Starting a business is not an easy task, and maintaining your growth then at the same time, making sure you are in the loop with constant innovation have also proven to be challenging. Much more when you are facing a challenging problem that can either make or break your company. In recent months, we have been battling a global pandemic that has shut down many businesses, causing a massive increase in unemployment and drastically affecting the world’s economy. However, we still have to move forward and adapt to the “new normal” to keep our business afloat. These days, we see more and more industries taking advantage of digital technology, expanding availability through social media platforms, and making this step the “new normal.”

Entering the digital world today is no longer an option but a must for your business to thrive. Considering there are billions of users in this space, it seems to have brought a lot of doubts and worries.

To increase your business’ relevance amidst changes and global issues, Growth99 continues to utilize the best SEO and digital marketing strategies to help companies step up their game.

In a recent IGTV collaboration with Ruma Aesthetics CEO Shelby Miller, Growth99 CEO Cameron Hemphill shared how stepping into the digital world has impacted both companies despite challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic.

Ruma Aesthetics, with nearly 100,000 followers on social media platforms, has proven that venturing into the world of digital media is a step forward that other aesthetic and medical clinics and providers should do. Since the aesthetic industry commonly delivers its services through face-to-face interaction, their survival seemed tough the past few months because of the shutdown following the pandemic.

However, CEO Shelby Miller took advantage of the situation and has quickly adapted to the “new normal.” Now, she is back in the game and reaping the benefits of entering the digital world.

Here are some tips from the recent conversation between the CEO of Growth99 and Ruma on IGTV last June 21, 2020, to help you get back up again.

TIP 1: Take advantage of the ‘break’ to refocus your business

Ruma Aesthetic is a growing company and aims to expand its clinic and services further. The shutdown came as a blessing in disguise for the company to complete its expansion, giving the company the luxury of time to develop and fully construct their Lehi location. Shelby also mentioned that the situation enabled her to create a better employment plan from creating a performance-based model to compensation plans. This also allowed her to have undivided attention in hiring, helping her choose the best candidate to represent her brand.

When asked what she has done in terms of really working in her business, Shelby openly shared her venture into entering the digital world, with the help of an SEO company – Growth99. She admitted that although she is an expert in her field, nothing beats the success she has gotten into after getting the expertise of Growth99. For her, this was the best decision she ever made in marketing, and it made everything a breeze for her.

TIP 2: Utilize online tools

Covid-19 Pandemic has made a few sets of rules and limitations, from social distancing, wearing a mask, sanitizing, and with little mobility externally. This makes everything so complicated as we struggle to face the “new normal.” When asked about Ruma’s ways of leveraging technology, she was confident that e-commerce, online appointment, and e-mail marketing had helped their company a lot. She was also happy about how the technology brought back her connection with the company’s previous clients. Virtual face-to-face communication through video call platforms (Zoom, etc.) was also helpful in addressing their client’s needs with just a click – an efficient, safe, and super-easy way to maintain customer relationships.

TIP 3: Maintain consistent visibility online

Billions of users are using the internet for personal and commercial use. Keeping constant visibility across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. increases the possibility of your brand to be noticed. This is a challenge in itself too. That is why the Shelby didn’t think twice about asking for a helping hand from the digital marketing experts.

TIP 4: Be flexible and open to adaptability

Every individual has different needs that have to be met within a specific schedule. Being flexible and adaptive helps keep your clients committed to your service. Doing this, Ruma Aesthetics was able to keep its clients and, at the same time, attract more customers. With the demand for beauty during wedding preparations and other big event celebrations, being flexible has allowed the company to reach more customers making them happy and satisfied.

TIP 5: Seek an expert

Seeking an expert allows your company to create fewer mistakes, thus enabling the business to focus on matters that need more attention. According to Shelby, finding a company that can do the work for you makes a huge difference, considering that her expertise is in the medical field. That is why hiring a professional keeps her business in the game because she can focus on what she does best and let others do what they are good at. She’s able to save more time and money doing this.

TIP 6: Keep an open mind to innovation

Nowadays, a lot of people resort to working remotely, especially during these trying times. Keeping an open mind to innovation gives your company leverage. With Ruma’s, virtual access has allowed their company to keep up, providing more options to its clients from virtual consultations to virtual bookings. This minimizes both the client and the employee’s exposure, making both parties safe.

TIP 7: Take risks and create promotions now and then

Promotions attract more customers as it offers cheaper cost of the service. Though it could be a bit tricky because of the low-income generation, it can actually help the company through upselling.

TIP 8: Do it now, not tomorrow

Being on top of the game means being active. There may be a lot of setbacks as you go through the plans, but doing it today makes a big difference than holding keeping your company short. Shelby, with her “no-time-to-waste” attitude, and with the help of Growth99 dedicated her spare time in creating improvements, upgrading their systems, and call to action steps to gain more traction and sales.

TIP 9: Don’t be afraid to try new things and admit you need help

Everything is continually changing. People need to keep on learning. Being innovative and asking for help from someone who knows the field best is always the best option. Ruma’s Aesthetic business is known to provide high-quality service and excels in their area. However, the company needed more push on the brand and was clear to admit it. This action in itself has lifted the company’s image, giving the company an edge to its competitors.

TIP 10: Be proactive instead of being reactive

The best way to deal with heavy situations is by being proactive. This creates more growth and opportunity for positive outcomes than being reactive. Shelby sees a massive influx of customers as things go back to normal. Making innovations as things come along, keeps the company, Ruma Aesthetics, on the lead.

It is evident that the digital economy is now taking the lead and plays a vital role in the recovery of the global economy. Knowing how to take advantage of the situation is the key to keep your business going. Like the journey of Ruma’s Aesthetics into the digital world, let Growth99 help your business recover.

(You may watch the replay on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfZqsQceb-4 )

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