3 Quick Hacks On How To Market Your Medical Spa

In this digital age, we see and consult medical spas all over the country seeking best practices to yield the best results for online marketing. It is becoming incredibly important that everybody that has a business in the Aesthetics of Medical Space understands the power of robust digital marketing. We have taken the time to break down quick hacks to market your Medical Spa for quick wins and long-term success!


  1. When creating a website make sure that you are always building a website for consumer buyer behavior. What does that mean? To put it simply, you might really enjoy the way your website looks however, you need to tailor the design and call to action to help consumers who would shop in a physical store and how the online experience reflects your Medical Spa! Remember, the purpose of a website for your Med Spa is to convert traffic at the highest level. Meaning, make sure they can “call” on every single page, inquire about every single service with a web form, and also have the ability to book appointments online.
  2. The checkout process is becoming extremely important once your clients render services at your Medical Spa! This is a great position to capitalize on Google reviews and social media shares with your clients and fans. To put it simply, invest in creating an automated checkout process at your Med Spa to capture these two pivotal components to put your Aesthetics practice on the map.
  3. Google reviews, Google reviews, Google reviews! If you think you only need to get for example 50 online reviews and stop. Please think again, Google is always about consistent buyer consumption behavior and they want to see activity for longevity. Create a process to respond to your Google reviews for your Medical Spa. Reputation for the Aesthetics MedSpa space is extremely important for an uptick in overall conversion for your MedSpa.

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