3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Not Dead For Medical Spas!

Email marketing is definitely not dead! People are constantly checking their emails and if you are a MedSpa owner your audience has an email address and they check their emails. It’s extremely important that you leverage this toolset that is available to you at your fingertips to move the needle and increase revenues for your Medical Spa. Always make sure to have a strategy around email deliverability during the lead process, Services process, and post-transaction process for your Medical Spa business.

Reason #1:

Having a robust email marketing solution for your MedSpa will help you convert leads into customers.
  • Always make sure to have email auto-responders turned on from when the lead form hits any avenue whether it’s your website, social media outlets, or paid advertising you are running to landing pages.
  • Remember your customers are seeking services even when your medical practice is closed.
  • This will position you to increase overall bookings and conversions while you are out of the office.

Reason #2:

Having an email marketing engine for your Medical Spa will give your clients confidence in your abilities.
  • When the actual booking takes place whether it’s over the phone or online. The actual transaction is not completed until they exchange goods for cash. It’s extremely important to communicate with them from the time they book to the time they arrive to your MedSpa.
  • What is a key factor on them getting over the bridge and having a strategy to reinforce why they booked will overall help with conversion rates for your Medical Practice.
  • Over communicating is always better than under communicating. These potential clients have questions and you need to be in their ear to feel the answers to reinforce your credibility.

Reason #3:

Staying top-of-mind will yield re-bookings and generate referrals for your MedSpa
  • Communicating with your client’s post-transaction will help them know you care and you will see the results from them sending you referrals and leaving reviews.
  • Be sure to have a system in place to communicate with at least 1 time per month to stay top of mind and remember you are still here for their referrals, specials, and new upcoming fun events.
  • Quick fast emails work better than long emails. Remember, top of mind is the key with a call to action.

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