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4 Hot SEO Buttons for Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

Google is indeed getting more innovative and more powerful by the minute, not only at understanding and analyzing web pages but also at how operative it is at allowing people to stay within its framework. The better that Google directs users to ads instead of organic listings or answering queries within the SERPs, the more revenue it generates.

Furthermore, digital marketing has grown in significance for business in general. In that regard, search engine optimization, or SEO, has also played a critical role in the success of any digital marketing strategy. Like how digital marketing, through online platforms, is all about driving customers to a specific business, it’s hard to imagine how even an established digital marketing strategy will ever succeed without SEO.

SEO is fundamentally a massive collection of techniques that help any website rank high and gain traffic in search engine results, later turning into conversions. Up the ante and gear your business for continued success while maximizing robust SEO practices to give your medical aesthetics business more visibility online. In this post, we’ve broken down the four hot SEO buttons that you can press to keep your medical aesthetics practice thriving!

1.  Enhance your Web Content

As Google has proclaimed that high-quality content is a top-ranking factor that places content as “king,” and it’s not going to change for some time. Digital marketers must ensure that the businesses they promote feature filtered content with real value to their users. Otherwise, anything less would make it a target for penalties by search engines, and no digital marketers would want to take that route.

One more critical SEO tool you need to consider is blogs. Improve your site’s blogs and post written copy accompanied with relevant facts based on research. Adding before and after photos, supporting videos, and infographics should heighten your blogs’ overall quality. All additional content gets indexed as these videos and images make your pages more readable!

2.  Link to other websites

Link building remains an essential part of intelligent SEO strategy in digital marketing. Link out to high-quality sites and sources, including your direct competition. One can never expect to get from others if they’re unwilling to give first. Of course, you should only link out to significant content pages that offer tremendous value as it is a good SEO practice.

More importantly, you may want to notify an influencer when you link out to them. If your content is valuable, influencers can link back to you, share your post, or even email it to their whopping email subscriber list! Link building is also all about quality and not quantity. You’ll build more trust in your medical aesthetics practice if you have a few authoritative links compared to a dozen poor-quality links.

3.  Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets present an excellent opportunity for medical practices to gain additional online visibility by producing content that closely matches the most common searches your prospective patients are performing. One downside to featured snippets is that often, the searcher may already find their answer without even having to click on your website, which means less traffic. Still, being positioned at the top of Google’s search results is vastly ideal, even if it means less traffic to your site.

There’s been a lot of changes that took place with featured snippets in early 2020. If your medical aesthetics website showed up in the featured snippets with a link, it wouldn’t likely rank again on the first page on the desktop. On mobile, there’s a chance the featured snippet may not appear at all, creating an impact on your rankings. But worry no more since, in March 2020, Google announced that it would move the featured snippet back to the main search results, benefiting your medical aesthetic practice and having more opportunities to promote it.

4.  Improve user experience when visiting your Medical Aesthetics website

Let’s kick things off with a brief explanation of Google’s primary goal as a search engine. Their main objective is to find the best possible results every time a user hits “search.” Google accomplishes this task excellently, allowing them to become the largest search engine in the world by far! As Google’s getting better at determining site quality, you’ll need to maintain that constant desire to show the best and most relevant results when you’re optimizing your site for SEO since poor-quality sites are less likely to rank.

If your medical aesthetics website looks outdated, untrustworthy, or slow to load, potential patients will likely click on another result. In that case, you’ve lost a potential conversion, a possible client, and your bounce rate for your pages will likely increase. Thus, creating a website that gives internet searchers relevant information that looks legit and user-friendly might keep more sales coming for your medspa.

If a user spends more time on a particular website, it’s probably because they found it helpful and valuable. And since Google specifically aims to deliver the best possible search results to any user, sites with strong engagement have a substantial edge in the race. Google would most likely push these pages up in the search engine results pages.

Digital Marketing customized for your Medical Aesthetics Practice.

As a medical aesthetics practitioner, you need to perform the best marketing strategies to ace up your medical practice and win more sales for your medspa. One of the most powerful digital marketing tools you would ever come across is SEO. Keep in mind that SEO is for the long term and the search engine optimization techniques used to further one’s digital marketing efforts.

Growth99 specializes in digital marketing, particularly SEO, in helping you build your online reputation and visibility. Get in touch with digital marketing experts to advance your career and reach out to many more patients who need your expertise. As your skills and dedication are evident to us, many potential patients might not know them yet. Leap with us and explore endless possibilities for your practice that lay ahead!

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