5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Still Relevant

More than a decade ago when Facebook was launched for everyone by its genius creator Mark Zuckerberg. On its first launch on February 4, 2004, the app was only open for Harvard students. And come September 26, 2006, when the Facebook company launched the app for everyone with an email address and ages 13 years old and above.

Today, Facebook is still the top social media application worldwide, with 2.85 billion active users every month in the first quarter of this year. For the 15 years of Facebook being available in public, it evolved and expanded to cope with the dramatic rise of the internet and technology in implementing and adopting the users’ lives.

Facebook has been more than a socialization and entertainment platform for most people. It has become an online market and advertisement. One year after the release of Facebook in public, Facebook Ads were released by the company to help entrepreneurs and like in promoting and selling their products. In an interview, Zuckerberg said that “Facebook Ads represent a completely new way of advertising online.”

In this modern era of technology and the internet, online advertisement is no longer new. Aside from Facebook, different companies and social networks also launched their online advertising platform. But despite the growing competitors, Facebook Ads is still relevant in the field of marketing, and here are the reasons why:

Your Target Customers Are On Facebook

Most probably, and statistically speaking, your target audience on the internet is on Facebook. Even grandparents are active users of Facebook, and if they are on Facebook, it means that they use it to connect with their children and grandchildren. Facebook has a diverse group of users of different ages, gender, and status. If there is a platform where a business can find its target audience, it would be Facebook.

Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Online advertising is a practical and much cheaper mode to promote your brand. Facebook Ads especially have more affordable rate charges on your advertisements. You can save significant money because aside from your actual paid promotion, word of mouth from people’s comments, tagging, and sharing your post also helps you reach out to more potential customers.

You Can Target Specific Users

The Facebook system collects and stores the users’ information. Facebooks ads use this essential information to help you target the users you want to reach. According to their data, adjusting your target audience to match the potential customer profile will save you money and increase a bigger chance to make actual sales. Your investment will not be a waste since your post will only reach people that will fall into your specific categories.

Facebook Ads Are Proven and Effective

An online survey was conducted to identify which popular social media platform is most effective for an online advertisement that actually shows real ROI (return of investments). The study revealed a favorable result for Facebook. Social media marketers prefer Facebook Ads as the most effective social network for ROI with a 96% vote.

Facebook Ads Will Show You Real-Time Analytics

Facebook ads are not only helpful in boosting your promotion and brand awareness. It is also valuable in making plans for your marketing strategies. Facebooks ads will show you the real-time metrics of your post. You can easily see how effective your post and how people responded to it by likes, comments, sharing, and click rates.

Facebook Ads are still a practical and effective way to promote your brand. If you are new to online marketing or still unsure how to do it, we can help you boost your online presence and set your promotion post in Facebook Ads.

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