5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Convert Leads For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

We’re living in a new age, aren’t we? The world is in an era where we have technologies to help us run our lives and business. So it’s not surprising that you have heard something about artificial intelligence many times.

AI is now a part of our everyday lives. This is a great time to use the many AI tools for lead generation in your business, especially in your plastic surgery practice. Growth99 is here to help you learn how artificial intelligence can help generate leads for your service. Not only externally but internally. 

Our team is an expert in lead generation and management, helping you identify the best customers for your business. With AI support, you can guarantee to get the best results for your business and employees. Continue reading this post for more! 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, in general, is pretty extensive to explain. But in healthcare and the medical field, it is a term for machine learning (ML) algorithms and other cognitive technologies in medical settings. In its most basic form, artificial intelligence (AI) is when computers and other machines can learn, think, make decisions, and act independently. 

So, AI in healthcare uses machines to look at and act on medical data, usually to predict a specific outcome. The use of machine learning (ML) and other cognitive fields to help doctors make diagnoses is a big part of how AI is used in healthcare. 

Artificial Intelligence in Generating Leads

When it comes to generating leads, AI also has a different purpose. It gives businesses and practices new ways to reach this goal, shorten cycle times, and improve the marketing process when people in sales and marketing are already under a lot of pressure to get more done and make more money in less time. Having to learn something as complicated as AI can be scary.

Organizations need to show sales and marketing managers how AI can help them with manual, time-consuming tasks to help teams get past this barrier. Ask them to imagine that AI is just below the rep on a chart of the company’s structure. Even though AI isn’t “hired” in the traditional sense, it will be more beneficial than even the best sales assistant.

With AI, however, you no longer have to start a campaign and just wish for what’s best next. AI makes it possible to track and analyze all kinds of engagement in real-time, so movements can be changed at any time. 

That could mean changing the wording in an email to make it more relevant to a particular group or increasing the reach of a digital ad that is doing better than the others. Using AI in this way helps improve the overall results of a lead generation campaign while making it seem relevant and responsive to your potential new customers.

What other ways and benefits can you gain from having an AI? Here’s what we’ve found out. 

Innovative Surgical Assistance

Although artificial intelligence robots are not yet ready to replace nurses and physician assistants in the operating room, they are accountable for some essential functions. It utilizes an intelligent speaker to manage the lighting and equipment in his operating room.

AI technology has also been developed to enable providers to request advice regarding implant usage based on patient data. While the software has not yet been designed expressly for cosmetic surgeries, it is likely only a matter of time before it is.

AI Patient Care

Your interaction with a medical practice begins when you search online for information. You may have questions or wish to schedule an appointment with the practitioner. You would have contacted the clinic via email or phone in the past. But, you may now converse with an AI assistant on the internet. The carefully developed software could assist patients with postoperative care in the future.

In addition to addressing medical queries and providing care, AI also manages patients’ and practitioners’ calendars. The next time you may book a treatment. An AI interface will remind you of the aftercare regimen to follow at home and assist you in planning follow-up appointments accordingly.

Lead Validation

Validation of leads is a crucial phase in the lead creation process. Similar to lead scoring, lead validation examines all prospective leads generated by form submissions and phone calls and separates them into sales leads and non-sales leads.

A few advertisers employ AI as part of their lead validation team to eliminate the time spent sorting such data. Comparing provided information, such as names and phone numbers, with publically accessible sources or internal datasets can be performed swiftly using AI programs. In light of the findings, leads are classified into one of two categories.

Improve Sales Pipeline Quality

Similarly, artificial intelligence can help you improve the overall quality of your pipeline. Due to its predictive power can inform your advertising and sales professional of the most effective actions and methods for selling more. This results in a more efficient and effective sales and marketing pipeline, which increases your company’s revenue and decreases its expenses. 


Chatbots are AI interfaces that typically appear on the homepage of a website. Regarding these bots, corporations adopt various tactics. Some businesses prefer to give the bot a human name and image. This is because they can get customer feels as though they are conversing with a person. Others create a completely unique character based on their brand identity.

Chatbots generate leads automatically by gathering relevant information from clients, such as their email addresses and requirements. This information is then provided to sales personnel for follow-up. Instead of exploring for 30 seconds and then leaving, potential clients will provide their information to the chatbot, generating thousands of leads.

Utilizing Leads with AI 

AI is an indispensable tool for increasing conversion rates and assisting sales teams. By offering statistically valid forecasts and automating tedious, time-consuming processes, AI allows your sales force to focus on what it does best: closing transactions.

AI cannot replace the human part of marketing and sales. Still, it can equip your teams with information that significantly increases their output. If you’re looking for any assistance and support, Growth99 is here to work with you. 

You can call our team at your convenience and let us help you work your way around your goals. No matter what you want to achieve, our experts are here to guide you with your practice! We’ll wait for you here!

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