7 Tips to Build A Better Social Media Presence For Your Med Spa.

Growing your med spa requires attracting the right people with the proper timing. This digital age promises different ways to get this done: Google Ads, search engine optimization (SEO), or mastering the art of growing your social media presence. Are you curious about the last one? Then building a robust social media following is the first step to take!

On the surface, it might look easy and uncomplicated. Just share a few blurbs about your med spa and go on with your day. Yet, in reality, social media growth stipulates time and effort besides ongoing execution, strategic adjustment, and monitoring. That explains why med spas and other businesses, for that matter, turn to automation. With the correct methods, it is possible to grow your social media presence and build an audience that genuinely engages with your content. 

But the question is: how do you get targeted results consistently? Given the scope, the med spa industry comes with neck-to-neck competition, and growing this business is no longer a piece of cake. That makes social media marketing necessary for every med spa out there. Here are seven tips for establishing a better social media presence and attracting more clients to your med spa.

1. Identify your audience.

The first tip is identifying your target audience. Perhaps these people are your prospective clients or influencers and industry players. Either way, breaking down your audience will help you decipher critical factors, such as:

· Which social media sites should you be most active on

· The type of content to publish

· Your posting schedule

· Your brand’s voice

· Your profile information

Some brands spin their wheels because the content they post mostly does not speak to a defined audience. Spend time identifying your audience’s personas, understanding their challenges, and the brands they already love via social. Such competitive analysis can help you know how your social media presence can stand out from the crowd.

2. Be human.

One of the worst mistakes you can commit is coming off as a faceless company with zero personality. In this modern age, people prefer transparency and often want to get to know a brand more personally. Many businesses today crack jokes and actively engage with their followers like they would their friends. Whereas for brands coming off as robots, users often lose interest in them as a human social media presence has become an expectation among most followers.

3. Seek not just followers but relationships.

Marketers can debate whether a brand’s follower count is a daily vanity metric. In that case, having 50 followers who engage with you and your content regularly is much more valuable than the 5,000 that ignore you. No matter how cliché, don’t leave the “social” part when working on your social media presence. The beauty of social media is that you can instantly form relationships with your followers, hailing from different parts of your local area. 

4. Automate the right way.

Automation is all the hype in marketing right now, and for a good reason. But you can’t expect to successfully establish your social media presence on autopilot and walk away. Mass auto-replying has the way of the dinosaur as it often comes across as robotic and insincere. Fast forward to today, it’s pretty clear that utmost customer care is an aspect of social media that should not be automated but personalized. Automation might help schedule or curate content, as it is fair game. You only want to avoid it when dealing with actual users and answering their inquiries or addressing a complaint.

5. When in doubt, get visual.

No matter which platform you’re posting in, photo and video content are entirely killing it right now! Facebook notes that Live videos garner six times more engagement than any other type of content. Instagram’s image-based platform is also exploding. And if you’re looking for more Twitter followers, videos and graphics get way more shares than text-based posts.

The good thing is, getting visual doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive equipment or a full-blown production budget. You may consider different imagery, such as photos of customers and events, team photos and videos, behind-the-scenes infographics, quote images, and more.

6. Make your presence known

If you’ve gone through the legwork of improving your med spa’s social media presence, you need the world to know about it. From your homepage feeds to email signatures, or icons on your site footer, anyone who engages with your brand should only be a click away from turning into a long-term follower. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest feeds can all be integrated into your website with a mere copy-paste code. Social channels and cross-promotion on your website are a proactive way to grow your social following over time.

7. Stay active.

It is plain and simple; Inactive social feeds are a terrible image for brands. Instead of letting your Facebook or Instagram gather cobwebs, you must be active online day after day with fresh content. Staying active on social media doesn’t need to be a complete time-suck. By scheduling or taking out 10-15 minutes of your day, you can post content and respond to your client’s concerns without wasting time. Additionally, you can study and base your activity around the best time of the day to post on social media to maximize engagement.

Grow more social followers with the right strategies.

Establishing an authentic and engaged follower base is a critical step if you’re committed to growing your social media presence. Following the tips outlined in this post can encourage new social media followers to engage with your brand. Always remember that it’s about the quality of your following base, not its quantity. So keep finding ways to bring value to your brand, and followers will come.

If you’re interested in learning more about improving your med spa’s social media presence, Growth99 can help! Our team of social media experts can help you get there. Contact us for more information about the different digital strategies we can share with you!

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