A Complete Guide To Digital Marketing And Medical Spa SEO

Medical spas are an increasingly growing market worldwide with a growing sense of competition. If we look at the bright side, the market is healthy and increasing, which can mean more potential patients to your medical spa. Yet on the downside, the number of medspas popping up across the country indicates fierce competition to get in front of these clients first. Thus, it is imperative to establish an effective marketing plan that stays up-to-date with the ever-changing trends in the industry.

This also means that having an effective digital marketing strategy is critical if you want to carve out your niche despite the competition. Particularly in this digital era, businesses of all industries must market themselves wisely. Doing so can draw in leads, and sales conversion, generate revenue and encourage repeat business.

As the medical spa industry has grown across the United States, so too has the rise of digital marketing. This guide will help answer your basic questions and provide tips about effective digital marketing and medical spa SEO. Read on to learn more!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the essential elements of any online campaign, but in competitive markets, it typically takes a lot of time and effort to rank high on search engines for a wide range of keywords. Moreover, SEO is a powerful form of digital marketing when done effectively. SEO also means following Google’s best practices to position your medical spa’s website in the top search results.

An effective SEO strategy begins with keyword research, understanding the relevant terms most people are searching for in your area, and incorporating those keywords into your website content. There are two basic types of SEO; on-site, which enhances your marketing approach by maximizing the use of different elements on your website, and off-site, which involves building your online presence beside your website. Off-site SEO is a less-used tactic, but it significantly influences how Google ranks websites.

Pro tip: To improve your search engine ranking, ensure your website has a depth of content on every subject you want to rank for.

Link Building

Keywords aren’t the sole element that search engines use to rank websites on their results pages. Links from other relevant sites are also essential in improving your ranking. Hence, quality link-building can be integral to an effective digital marketing strategy. Clickable links can be embedded in the text on your page to direct users to another page or another site.

These links can be the digital equivalent of a word-of-mouth recommendation. Placing one’s site’s link on other sites is one way of telling their readers that this site is worth visiting. Building quality links can help increase traffic to your website dramatically. Furthermore, search engines will use these links to discover new websites and to determine the site’s ranking in the search results.

When determining a site’s ranking, search engines tend to look at both the content of a web page, and the number of links pointed to it from other sites. The better the network of links, the more likely your medical spa website will draw the attention of potential customers and search engines. Google’s algorithm uses “backlinks” to determine your site’s authority on a specific topic.

Google Ads/PPC

As the digital era advances, using Google Ads remains one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your medical spa business. Google Ads can help position your business at the top page of the search results, which continues to be an advantage over the growing competition. Given the market’s strength statistics, the essence of this advantage cannot be overstated.

While you may have already established strong brand awareness for your medical spa, you still need to ensure that people searching online, particularly those using Google, are directed to your website. Google Ads can be the ultimate way to do that. Of course, the maximum value of Google Ads depends on how effectively you utilize them. They can carry a reasonably high cost per click in the med spa industry, equating to a high cost per lead.

Compelling website design

In a market where more visits from potential clients come through mobile devices, it is critical to focus on your website design as it needs to be compelling yet responsive to let you win this race. That means having a fully-optimized website for mobile use is vital. As a potential lead, nothing is worse than clicking on a website on your phone or tablet only to see a skewed or out-of-proportion layout.

Such can be a definite way to turn away potential business. Strategically putting layouts and grids can result in a website looking at its absolute best no matter which device is currently in use, which can increasingly translate into increased revenue.

Social media ads

Efficient advertising is all about identifying and correctly approaching your target audience. In the medical spa industry, the largest segment of that audience is women between 35-60 years. One of the best ways to connect to this group is through paid ads on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram. Many medical spa owners focus their energy on daily posts to try and boost their organic social media presence. And yet, in the process, they overlook the significance of paid ads. Facebook can be one of your best ROI tools in lead generation, but only if you use it properly in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies.

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