Three Top Ways To Attract New Clients To Your Medical Spa With Google Adwords.

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Are you looking for ways to attract more clients to your medical spa? Google AdWords may be the most efficient solution for you! Google AdWords is an influential advertising tool that can help you reach new clients quickly. This article will discuss the three top ways to strategically use Google Adwords and bring in more business for your medical spa. By the end of this post, we hope that the information we’ve shared will go a long way to help you achieve your business goals!

Google AdWords in a nutshell

If you’re running a medical spa, it is customary to find ways to get new patients constantly. Giving your current clients enough care and attention to make them stay is always good, but one way or another, you need to go and find new clients to expand your business.

Google Adwords is a powerful advertising tool that allows businesses to design ads that will appear on Google’s search results pages. And when someone clicks on your ad, they will be routed to your website or a page where you can collect their contact information. Google AdWords is an excellent way to reach new clients efficiently. If you have been using Google to search for different things, you might notice that the first few results at the top of Google typically don’t look like the regular ones. That’s because these ads are frequently situated in conspicuous areas where people can easily spot them.

To put it simply, Google AdWords works – if done right. That’s the only catch. Many companies use Google Ads as one of their digital strategies, but not everybody finds success in it for many reasons. We are here to provide you with a couple of ways to get new clients for your medical spa with the help of Google Adwords. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit foreign to you. Google AdWords has a slight learning curve, so it may not initially sound simple.

Three Different Ways to Attract New Clients For Your Medical Spa with Google Adwords

As previously mentioned, there are different ways to do Google Ads. It might seem like it to some, but no magic formula will work with every business. That means you must learn to do trial and error to discover something that will work. Here are three techniques you can utilize to grow your medical spa’s client base.

1. Create promotions and sales offers

Let’s face it; everybody loves promotions and sales. It’s one of the traditional ways of attracting new clients. Creating unique and fresh promotions while incorporating them into your ads is a surefire way to entice people to click on them. You can advertise for first-time buyers or offer a certain percentage discount on their total bill. The possibilities are endless! To achieve your goal, you need to be creative with your ads and ensure that your offer is juicy enough to get people to click on your ad.

2. Answer their questions

One of the things that many marketers neglect to target online is curious people who ask questions. In medical aesthetics, many potential customers have questions that need immediate answers, especially if you don’t want to lose any chances of doing business with them. And guess where they go if they need more information about something? You guessed right; Google! If you can fashion your ads to target these common questions and provide instant answers, you are more likely to win them as clients.

Remember that some marketers will frown upon this idea for a reason. Not everybody that inquires is ready to buy something. Thus, you must prioritize your landing page’s content, ensure people can get value from it, then throw in your pitch. You must customize your landing page to answer visitors’ questions while ushering them to enter your sales funnel.

3. Use remarketing

People will more likely buy from businesses that they have previously encountered. If they have landed on your site from a Google search or checked out the link to your website from your social channels, you may still target them using remarketing. Remarketing is a feature that enables you to show specific ads to people who have interacted with your med spa in the past. It ensures that the users who view your ad already know who you are and what you do.

This feature is most suited for prospective first-time clients, who may shop around first to explore their options. But when you remarket the right way, you’d get to be in front of them. Remember that remarketing ads will be slightly different from your regular ads, so don’t just throw your regular ads for remarketing. Doing this will only increase your costs with no returns.

Google AdWords for medical spas

If you’re convinced that Google AdWords can help your medical spa get new clients but are not confident that you can go through learning all of it, then fret not. Growth99 specializes in creating and managing robust paid ad marketing plans for medical spas and other related practices. The team at Growth99 takes away the complexity of paid ads, allowing you to focus more on what you do best – providing your clients with top-notch aesthetics services. If you have questions regarding Google AdWords services for medical spas, don’t hesitate to reach out to Growth99 today!

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