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Best Practices For Running Facebook advertising / Advertising on Facebook

The average adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook and 53 minutes on Instagram. Running ads across these platforms is prime real estate to reach your target audience when they are engaged and willing to discover new products and services. Growth99 has made it simple to advertise on Facebook (and Instagram) with a dedicated team that not only creates ads but can also manage campaigns as well.

Facebook functions as a full-funnel marketing tactic, allowing you to reach your target audience throughout their purchase journey.

  • Top of Funnel – Facebook can be used to reach users who aren’t aware of your business yet. By using catching images and videos, users can be made aware of your business and you can drive new traffic to your site
  • Middle of Funnel – Garnering new leads and interests to your business is key. By utilizing Facebook, you can have new leads or phone calls coming in automatically to your business
  • Bottom of Funnel – Facebook can be a great deal to drive purchases on your site and appointments to be booked. Cutting out any “what ifs” that traditional advertising gives you, Facebook makes it easy to track the direct revenue it brings to your business.

Running Facebook campaigns can seem very overwhelming at first, but there are a few best practices that can make your campaigns successful.

  • Ad Copy & Messaging: Ad messaging should be relevant to your target audience and call out your business goals or an action you want the user to take. You want them to know why you’re telling them something and what they should do next. Growth99 has a full team that can take the ad creation out of your hands. We will work with you to understand your goals and your audience and then our team of ad copywriters, graphic designers, and paid media specialists will create ads that will help generate more business!
    For example (see images below), when targeting prospective students for our LECOM client, we are serving to message that has them thinking about their future career. For ads that are targeting prespective we are serving messaging to give them piece of mind that LECOM is the best fit to accelerate their child’s career.

  • Tracking/Pixel: A top advantage of Facebook over traditional advertising is being able to track user’s actions on your website. By placing the Facebook Pixel directly onto your website, you can capture how users interact with your site and Facebook can optimize your ads automatically towards certain actions (i.e. a form fill or purchase). In addition to tracking users while they are on the site, you can also use the Pixel to retarget. If a user added a product to their cart and never completed a purchase, the Facebook Pixel will allow you to show them an ad as a reminder to finish their purchase.
  • CRM Integrations: When running Facebook Lead ads, always ensure that your CRM system is directly integrated with Facebook. This will allow Facebook to automatically send the contact information of the user who filled out the form to your customer list and you can automatically have an email sent to them. This will help increase conversion rates for new customers.
  • Optimizations: Facebook takes a little over 2 weeks (3-4 if budgets are small) to start optimizing towards your desired goal. Over that time, you want to make sure that there are no errors and all ads are serving (no rejected ads). After 2 weeks, you should look at your ad performance and ad set (this is where your targeting is held) and determine if you can pause low-performers or create more top-performing content. This should not only be done 2 weeks after the initial launch, but it should be on an ongoing basis.

Facebook can be a great asset for your business’s digital presence if it’s used in the right way. There is a lot of wasted spend on Facebook from businesses not understanding the best practices or the right audience targeting. Luckily, Growth99 is positioned to help you successfully set up your Facebook Ad campaigns and avoid wasting budgets. There is a world of opportunity on social media to grow your business, all you need is the right tools to do so.

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