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Why Growth99 Continues to Preach About Online Booking For Your Dermatology Clinic

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Introduction You’re probably reading this article because you want to know why Growth99 continues to preach about online booking in dermatology clinics. As we’ve already shown, it’s a great way to boost your clinic’s profits and keep patients happy. But… if you’re still unconvinced, let us explain why we believe so strongly in this practice: […]

Growth99 Gets Interviewed by Aesthetics Record

Growth99 Gets Interviewed by Aesthetics RecordVivienne Echendu: Hi, Instagram! Welcome back to ARTV, your guide to current events within the aesthetic industry. I am your host Vivienne Echendu, the vendor relations specialist here at Aesthetic Records. Thank you guys for tuning in to episode 4 where we continue supporting small businesses that are doing big things. Today, I am so [...]

SEO is Essential When Optimizing a Site

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is fundamental and essential, and everyone in your company should be aware of what SEO can do for your site. SEO is the term that covers all the methods used to ensure the visibility of your website content is found on search engine results pages or SERPs. The purpose of […]

Watch your Website Transform from Plain to Better

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Starting a business and creating a website to go with the name can be arduous but necessary in today’s Internet-driven society. Each company is in competition with each other, primarily those in the same field and the website that is at the forefront of your company is usually the first thing potential customers will see. […]

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