Do You Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Medspa? Here’s How Growth99 can help!

Introduction One of the best ways to promote your business to potential prospects is through Facebook ads. If you’re not using Facebook ads, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for growth. If you are using them, then Growth99 can help you make your ads more effective.  Here are some reasons why social media […]

The Best Ways to Increase Customer Engagement for a Medical Spa

Introduction It’s important to keep your customers engaged, especially if you’re a medical spa. If you can find ways to make them feel like they belong and keep them connected to your brand—whether by offering discounts or being there when they need you—you’ll be able to build trust, loyalty, and repeat business. And that’s what […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Advertising Microneedling Treatments on Facebook and Instagram

Are you considering using Facebook and Instagram to advertise your microneedling treatments? If so, it is essential to take the time to understand the platform and how to use it effectively to maximize your advertising efforts. However, there are some common mistakes that many businesses make when advertising microneedling treatments on Facebook and Instagram. This […]

The Best Social Media Platforms for your Med Spa Practice

Introduction Social media is an integral part of marketing your med spa practice. The right social media platform can help you connect with patients and build your brand. To make sure you’re using the best platform for your business, here’s a list of the most popular social networks in 2022: Facebook Facebook is the most […]

3 Ways to Market derma filler for your Medspa on Facebook

We know how it feels to be an entrepreneur. You’re the master of your destiny and have many opportunities to grow your business in new ways. The only problem is, with so many opportunities popping up daily, how do you choose where to focus? Well, some platforms are more popular than others now—and with good […]

Why Facebook Ads are the Future of Medical Advertising

Introduction Facebook has single-handedly revolutionized the way the world communicates. And now, it’s about to change how you market your business. The platform is growing like wildfire, with 2 billion active users per month and a projected 4 billion by 2022. It’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to this platform: it […]

5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Still Relevant

More than a decade ago when Facebook was launched for everyone by its genius creator Mark Zuckerberg. On its first launch on February 4, 2004, the app was only open for Harvard students. And come September 26, 2006, when the Facebook company launched the app for everyone with an email address and ages 13 years […]

Effective Paid Media FB + Google Ads

Marketing ads help your business increase its ROV (Return of Investments) in several ways. For quite some time there has been a debate on which online advertising platform is the best in the industry and will surely give you a win. Facebook ads or Google ads? That is the question that most entrepreneurs have been […]