Why Having a CRM To Convert Leads To Your Derma Practice Is Important Going Into 2023

Introduction We’ve all heard of “lead generation,” but what does it mean? A lead is a prospective customer who has shown interest in your business, products, or services. The term comes from the sales world, where companies call upon people interested in buying something. These days, leads can come from various sources: phone calls, emails, […]

The Secret To Generating High-Quality Leads For The MedSpa Industry

An increase in lead generation is vital to the continued survival and growth of any medical spa. To attract more potential clients to your medical spa, you can utilize various web marketing channels, some of which are more expensive than others. Here are some guidelines to ensure your med spa’s lead-generating operations are productive and […]

What is Lead Management? How and Why to Manage Leads for your Medical Spa Practice?

Generating leads for your medical spa practice is vital, but what’s next? And how do you best get quality leads to convert into paying clients? Unfortunately, many medical spa practices struggle with lead intake and lead management. If we look at it closely, we might wonder: what’s the big deal with lead management, and how […]

3 Main Reasons To Have A CRM For Your Medical Spa

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a concept that many industries employ, specifically in the medical spa industry. CRM is designed so that different healthcare organizations and medical spas can explicitly utilize it in their unique operations. A well-designed CRM will pull in various data sources to give you a complete view of your patient’s […]

Why Lead Follow Up Is Important For Your Med Spa

Studies revealed that 79% of marketing leads don’t convert into sales. Do you know what that implies? Gaining lead does not end there; doing follow-ups is critical to more deals for your med spa! Putting some time and investing a bit of money into your leads can remarkably boost the conversion rate and grow your […]

You Now Have Leads To Your Aesthetics Practice? Now What?

Suppose you find yourself to be highly interested in utilizing and maximizing your aesthetics practice. In that case, it is relatively natural for you to want to take the first step to advance your career further. Yet the question remains of “what” and “how” as well as the various prospects that might overwhelm you. After […]

Why Lead Management Automation is Hot for Medical Aesthetics!

If you are into business, you should know how essential it is to win leads online. As such, lead management automation has never been more helpful! With the power of advanced technology, tracking information, monitoring, and organizing are removed from your shoulders while you focus more on what you do best; being the superstar in […]