Digital Marketing for the Med Spa Space and the Challenges Associated With It

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Look, we have worked with clients and Med Spa’s all over the country. And it’s always a strategy on how to get your website ranking to the highest search results possible. We have concluded, that when it comes to the Med Spa space it is extremely important to own three areas of real estate on the internet. We strongly recommend that you focus on running.

The three key areas of real estate to have for robust website marketing for MedSpa’s listed below:

1. At the very top of Google search, if you conduct a search for injectors, botox, medical spas near me, and facials in my zip code, or something of that nature you are going to find somebody who is running ads against those keywords. If you happen to click on that ad, you are actually going to charge that Med Spa money. This is called pay per click advertising for Medical Spa’s. It’s where you can attribute a specific ad spend budget to own the very top section of real estate on the internet for your medical practice.
2. Secondly, what happens to be the fine red underneath the ad section is called Google My Business. Also known as “GMB”! It is extremely important to have a very detail-oriented profile for your Google My Business for your medical spa practice. If you are looking to have your Med Spa ranking high on the internet, then it’s imperative to have a complete profile for Google My Business. There are specific key tricks and hacks where you can find ranking results that will improve your overall search or internet marketing for your Medical Spa.
3. Last, but definitely not least is you’re going to want to have a very high caliber website that is appropriately indexed on Google for your medical spa. The website is going to have to have all of the search engine optimization components or better known as “SEO” components for your Med Spa. This will help you see conversion rates and gain client attraction. You’re going to need to have continuous blog posts for your MedSpa that have keywords to consistently create content to keep you on the map. Remember, the purpose of a website is to convert eyeballs into leads, into customers, into rating fans.

To sum up this quick summary for you. If you focus on these three areas of Real Estate internet marketing for your medical spa you will see drastic search results that will help you grow your practice in ways to exceed your competition. Growth99 is here to help you take the steps in taking your Medical Spa to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to set up a free consultation with Cameron here at Growth99.

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