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Digital Marketing is On Fire in the Medical Aesthetics Field, and Here’s Why.

The medical aesthetic industry is, without a doubt, a highly competitive industry. Medical aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly embraced and affordable – thanks to the advancement of minimally invasive procedures and celebrities and social media influencers to promote their effectiveness – plus, they are becoming more available. And for aesthetic practitioners, this means that providing expert, quality care alone doesn’t cut it – it’s only a start.

In the wake of the global pandemic, many business owners realize that bearing a solid digital footprint is more important than ever. A digital presence became a must-have as opposed to a mere accessory. Specifically, digital marketing is the quickest way to exponentially grow all aspects of your practice in the medical aesthetics field. Additionally, it is the least expensive way to market one’s practice while strategically reaching a wider audience.

A multi-channel digital marketing strategy must be in place to enhance your digital presence. The more channels you utilize, the better. Each channel requires a unique strategy focused on creative content. This post will tell us why digital marketing is vital to impose in the medical aesthetics field, the different channels you can leverage, and some more.

Establish your medical authority

Digital marketing can help build your medical authority by placing you as an authoritative figure in your industry. Sharing patient testimonials, writing blogs, posting before-and-after photos, and participating in online forums and review sites can contribute to how prospective clients perceive you and your practice. Not only can having a robust digital marketing strategy help establish your authority, but it can also build trust and give way to a channel of communication between you and your audience before they experience your practice.

When people learn about you and your practice through the different digital marketing channels, prospective patients will most likely visit your website and social media channels to gauge whether or not your practice and service are the best fit for them. Hence, the experience your leads and clients must get as they browse your website and social media pages match the experience they receive in your practice. Additionally, having a responsive and mobile-optimized website can indicate that you are up-to-date and leverage the latest technology in your practice.

The different digital marketing channels

 Here’s a list of the digital marketing channels that yield great returns and how you can make them work in marketing your practice.

1. Email marketing

One of the oldest yet most effective and result-driving forms of digital marketing is email marketing. In establishing your email marketing strategy, you want to be strategic and selective with your emails. As such, you must focus on content that matters to your target audience. While discounts and promotions are still part of your content strategy, you don’t need to be merely focused on them. Instead, you want to focus your marketing emails more on the things that provide long-term advantages to your patients. For example, your emails can contain your positive merits, injectors, and staff. Always remember that a mixed content strategy is effective.

2. Organic social media

All social media platforms bear the potential to attract more patients to your practice, but Facebook and Instagram stand out above all due to their popularity. Due to this, you will want to ensure that your social media presence manifests the quality of your brand. Your practice’s name, logo, photos, and color scheme should be consistent and omnipresent throughout your marketing channels, including your social media pages.

Your posts must also be carefully curated to appeal to your target market. During content creation, ask yourself if the copy and photo you are about to post will create an impact on your target audience. The advantage of marketing on Facebook and Instagram is that you don’t need to hire an expensive photographer to create content. You can use your smartphone instead! You can use the same filter each time, so your page has a consistent aesthetic.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of growing your website traffic and increasing your website’s visibility on search engines. Website optimization is paramount to driving quality web visitors who may become paying clients. Incorporating specific keywords in your content can help optimize your website and generate traffic. The main goal is to appear on the top results on search engines so that your leads and existing clients can find you more accessible and click on your website immediately.

4. Paid Search

Paid search is a critical digital marketing channel where search engines allow you to market your practice through ads on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Moreover, it is a pay-per-click model. That means it costs you nothing until someone clicks on your ad. The tangible goal for this strategy is achieving a high click-through rate (CTR). This metric confirms advertising success and drives higher conversion rates.

Attract new patients

Implementing a robust digital marketing strategy can bring many benefits, significantly improving your search engine ranking as prospective patients searching for your services are more likely to find you. Also, having an active online presence can get you in front of your patients’ minds, allowing you to keep them updated on the industry’s latest treatments and offers. Once you get your channels up and running, your practice will be able to operate in an omnichannel business model. Your channels will work in unity to drive more patients into your practice.

The best part about digital marketing is that you get to choose your strategy in which you can attract new patients. You know your market well enough to decipher the best route to increase sales. Stay consistent and authentic to your brand and bask in knowing you have everything you need to establish an engaging online presence.

Whether you’re a cosmetic dermatologist, aesthetic practitioner, or medical spa owner, digital marketing can help you reach your targeted (and even wider) audience. Get in touch with Growth99 for a free consultation to learn how we can help you grow your medical aesthetic practice!

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