Does Your Medspa Website Look Great on Mobile Screens?


If you’re in the medical or beauty industry, you know that many patients out there need your help. Well, Google found in a study that more than half of mobile users turn to their devices when they have questions about a medspa treatment or product. With more and more people turning to their phones for information every year, it’s important to have a mobile-friendly site to improve the user experience when mobile users visit your website. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a website you can’t even read because everything is out of whack. So, by having mobile-friendly pages, your numbers will improve almost instantly.

Patients Use Their Phones for Everything These Days.

We have all heard the stats: people are using their phones more often, and computer usage is declining. We also know that mobile devices are used for everything these days. People use their phones to browse before they buy, look for information, check the weather and even check their bank accounts. This is why optimizing your Medspa website for mobile screen sizes like iPhones, Androids, and tablets is critical to your online marketing strategy.

People Use Mobile Devices to Browse Before They Buy.

People often use mobile devices to browse before they buy products or services. Many mobile users have four or more devices, so their experience must be seamless across all of them. Around 97% of people who use online searches look for local businesses. How many of those do you think are in their cars? A lot, right? 

The right mobile marketing strategy can help you reach these potential customers wherever they are—on their commute home or relaxing at home with a cup of tea, and ensure that your pages are easy to read and navigate so that they can learn more about your brand and make decisions without being frustrated.

Mobile Website Design is Different From Desktop Website Design.

Mobile screens are smaller than desktop screens. They can have different screen sizes and resolutions depending on your device. With mobile usage patterns quickly shifting and web browsing being something that most people do several times a day, it makes sense for companies to focus on optimizing their sites for smartphones, tablets, and desktops to ensure that your website offers an enjoyable experience to your prospects no matter what type of device they are on.

Your Medspa Website Needs Great Images.

You need great images, not just a stock photo of someone lying on the table getting a massage. You need photos that accurately represent your services and the environment in which they take place. Think about how your customers will feel when they see your images on their mobile screens. For example, they might think negatively of your brand if the pictures look like stock photos from another website with no association with yours. 

Instead, make sure each image is relevant to what’s happening on your website and that every image is well chosen and styled specifically for this use case. Lastly, ensuring that all of your photos are responsive will allow your brand to convey its voice and message to prospective customers without flaw or disruption so that they will want to return to your site again.

You Need a Good Copywriter.

Let’s face it: you need a good copywriter. Why? Because they know how to write for the web and present your brand to your prospects to engage them and drive action. They know how to take your brand message and write in a way that speaks directly to your audience with every word, sentence, and paragraph they publish on your behalf. 

Your copywriter will also ensure that they use the correct keywords within their content so that search engines can find it easily when potential customers look for information about your products and services online. This includes blogs, service pages, case studies, social media posts, and other media types! 

Social media posts should be written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind so that people can find them on Google and your social media platforms, and you can drive them back to your site to take action!

Your Medspa Website Needs a Stand-out Color Scheme.

Your color scheme is one of the first things people will notice when they visit your website. This choice may be easy if you have a specific vision for your brand. However, suppose you are just starting in the world of medspa marketing. In that case, you may want the help of a professional marketer or designer to ensure that your brand gets all the right attention from incoming prospects. 


Being unsure if your website is optimized for mobile screens can be frustrating when you need help fixing it. Where do you start? What do you do? Do you have to be able to code to fix it? Well, the good news is, we’re here to help! With our responsive medspa website design services, we will take care of everything for you. Book a free consultation with Growth99 today.

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