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Why Sending Mass Emails + Mass SMS to Your Past Clients Is Key to Re-Booking New Business For Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

As more medical spa businesses aim to target customers on the move, emails and SMS are becoming an increasingly critical part of effective multi-channel marketing. However, some digital marketing agencies do not feature SMS and email marketing as core offerings. Thus, some businesses potentially miss out on communications with their audience and increased ROI. But indeed not your medical aesthetics practice, especially after reading this post.

Some organizations have the misconception wherein mobile marketing stipulates heavy investment in apps and is no way for targeted, personalized communication while it lacks solid analysis to support ROI. The truth is, access to mobile communications is more straightforward than most business owners may think, and getting connected to mobile consumers can be accomplished simply by sending a personalized, targeted text message.

Studies reveal that text messages have a 98% open rate. Particularly with the increasing popularity and necessity over communication devices, like smartphones and tablets, we can’t deny the reach and potential of mass emails and texts messages. As a medical spa owner, this can be your shot at convincing your target audience to sign up for your services.

And more importantly, getting your past clients back for brand new business interactions. And that’s a massive opportunity. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how sending mass emails, and text messages can become a powerful strategy to regain your past aesthetic patients and reach an even wider audience for your medical aesthetics practice.

Email and text messaging as marketing tools

Including SMS in your strategies will catch your customers’ attention, which is the primary goal of marketing. As simple as it may sound, the quickest way to get our attention is when our cellphones ding with text message notifications. In the same way, anyone who has an active email address is most likely aware of how popular mass emails and newsletters have swiftly become.

However, remember that mass emails and SMS aren’t automatically successful. To create a successful email and text messaging campaign, you must strategize your approach and carefully prepare catchy and well-designed templates. It would be best if you also acknowledged the challenges and advantages of sending mass SMS and email. Yet, by studying and dissecting the ins and outs of bulk email and SMS, it can turn out to be one of the most efficient ways to grow your practice.

The advantages

We’ll kick things off by exploring the benefits of sending mass emails and SMS. Listed below are some of the top reasons you should consider adding mass emails and SMS to your medical aesthetics practice’s business strategy. Also, this technique can help you attract your past clients to do business with you again. Here are some of the main advantages:

1. Reach a wider audience while being cost-effective

One of the primary advantages of using bulk email and text messaging is that you can be sure to get your message across to a large group in a short period. And that is a strong edge from a value standpoint. Suppose you used to perform traditional marketing tactics such as printing direct mail, publishing an ad on a billboard and newspaper, or being featured on TV commercials. In that case, you know how expensive marketing can be. With an email or SMS blast, you can find a means to reach your clients, both past and existing, for less time, effort, and money.

2. Direct access

With the rise of the use of smartphones that allow people to receive text messages while also checking their email online, mass email and SMS bestowed marketers with a massive power, which is acquiring direct access to their audience. Bulk email and SMS also allow business owners to quickly get in touch and convey their messages to their target audience easily. With that, sending such emails and SMS to your past clients will likely rekindle their interest in your practice while ultimately winning them back for a long business relationship.

3. Integrating with other channels

All channels within the marketing mix must work well together, and emails/SMS are no exception. SMS is an independent communication channel, yet it can enhance and support when mixed with other marketing mediums, such as social media and email. This is the starting point where we can see how SMS and email naturally unite in reaching a particular audience group. For example, clients can receive an SMS reminder to read an email or newsletter you sent. Thus, increasing the open rates by 20% to 30%.

4. You may utilize response data to monitor and improve.

Tracking your business’s performance by identifying client engagement via text messaging, monitoring ROI, and delivery rates are possible through sending mass emails and SMS. Your medical aesthetics practice can target other campaigns using these analytics while continually learning more about the mobile database. Doing this can help save money and improve ROI by profiling and segmenting the audience that is least likely to respond. SMS monitoring enables you to target your clients via email or another channel if they are not as responsive in text messaging using the data collected.

Write, write, and write!

As we have discussed the advantages of sending mass emails and SMS to your audience and regaining past business relationships, it is safe to say how helpful bulk email and text messaging can be in growing your medical aesthetics practice. So, go ahead and write that email! Be free and create a catchy yet chunky messaging template to catch your prospects’ and patients’ attention. Such is a powerful start with establishing robust digital marketing for your medical aesthetics practice.

Are you hyped up to get started but can’t figure out where to start? Growth99 is the leader in innovative technology as it has aided hundreds of medical spas across the United States with the implementation of proven digital strategies in a broader scheme. Get in touch with the experts and explore business growth as you have never experienced before. Partner with us today!

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