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As soon as COVID-19 hit in the year 2020, it had been a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs with twisters that made us all reevaluate everything. We have been used to certain things all of our lives, and yet, in a snap, we find ourselves completely adjusting to radical changes. One year has passed, and yet, it looks like it will be no different as the fluctuation of COVID cases continue to rise and fall while businesses operate and then suddenly shutter. For every marketer, being ready and well prepared for more unknowns is the way to move forward.

With all of the recent happenings around, we will have to get used to the so-called “new normal” where how we do things now is different from what we did just two years ago. The traditional way of marketing has slowly faded in the marketing world, and here comes digital marketing. For most business owners, specifically dermatologists who run their clinics, it is essential to let other people know about their practice. But how can they accomplish such tasks effectively?

Partnering with a robust digital marketing company would be the ultimate way to boost their online presence, reputation, and more! Growth99 specializes in marketing for medical aesthetics practices, including dermatology. And while the company continues to partner with many more med spas and dermatology clinics through the years, it has now slowly transformed into becoming the “new normal” in the face of digital marketing for medical aesthetics! Let’s hop in and learn more about what Growth99 does and what they can offer for your dermatology practice!

Sharing of visual content and social media engagement

To effectively reach your target audience and build rapport with them, you need top-notch, next-level social media content. The truth is, there is no better way to substantially convey your dermatology expertise than sharing before and after images. Growth99 can help you show off your practice and highlight your skills on different social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can firmly establish your brand and reputation simultaneously as you bring in new traffic with these assets. With digital marketing, the various social media platforms can do their work in reaching out to people, and potential patients would get to explore what you offer and see how it might fit their needs.

Growth99 helps you attract ideal dermatology patients.

Dermatology encompasses a wide range of specialties such as acne treatments, hair loss treatments, etc. You may reach patients searching for dermatologists with specializations using digital marketing tools. The most prominent ones include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and organic search engine optimization (SEO). Advanced healthcare PPC strategies can also bring in satisfactory results.

Using SEO can improve your search engine rankings and attract more potential clients to your website. In addition to including relevant keywords and significant phrases on your pages that people search for to find dermatologists and their treatments, Growth99 gives a way to improve the user experience for whoever visits your site as a whole. 

The use of helpful resources

Providing helpful information remains to be one of the most effective ways to connect with potential patients. And the fastest, most convenient way to do that is by posting regular monthly blogs. The different advantages of blogging are numerous for any enterprise, especially dermatology clinics. Growth99 produces monthly blog posts for the primary reason for improving organic search engine rankings.

Blogs tend to provide expert advice, and creating content that readers find helpful is essential. Regularly publishing blog posts about skincare tips, recognizing common skin conditions, or the things to consider when getting a particular dermatological treatment would allow your visitors to learn and be educated through your blogs. This type of content will allow people to view your site as a legit and valuable resource, encouraging them to sign up for your services.

Seeing you as a credible authority is also another benefit as they will start to respect and regard you highly. Growth99 has helped various aestheticians and dermatologists prove their legitimacy by posting blogs based on pure research. That results in winning trust from potential patients and being viewed as knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals.

Engagement with audience

Unlike traditional marketing channels like billboards and TV, digital marketing allows for two-way interaction between providers and customers. That enables you to build relationships with potential patients, which establishes trust and encourages them to one day make an appointment. And, even better, they would help promote your practice by posting online reviews and by word-of-mouth.

Digital marketing tactics like social media marketing, email marketing, and even text messaging would appeal to prospective clients that they’re not dealing with robots but with a live person who cares about them. These strategies would require interaction between you and your patients to build solid grounds for long-lasting business relationships.

A seamless marketing plan for Dermatologists

Growth99 offers an array of digital marketing services tailor-fitted to your needs. As we might already know, the dermatology industry is a competitive one. With many competitions around, it might be a challenge for almost everyone to make sure that they stand out from the rest and let potential patients pick them over others.

The goal of every business is to strike as something unique and special that would magnetize their audience towards them. Having a robust foundation of marketing strategies is utterly significant to win sales and increase revenues. Furthermore, digital marketing has become prevalent, most especially as the pandemic hit. With that, Growth99, being a leading digital marketing company, embodies the phrase “new normal” in marketing local medical aesthetics and dermatology clinics.

Sign up for a free consultation and explore the different possibilities for your dermatology practice that you never knew once existed. Your expertise is too good to be hidden, and the world needs to know about it. With Growth99, we are happy to unleash your fullest potentials, and we applaud your success as we’re delighted to see your business grow. Partner with us today!

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