Seven Factors to Avoid When Running Google Ads for Your Medspa.

Running a medical spa might mean consistently looking to get the most out of your marketing efforts. If you aren’t using Google Ads to drive targeted traffic to your landing pages up until now, you are missing a lot of potential in expanding your business. More clicks translate into more visitors, prospects, and clients for your medical spa.

The Google Ads platform offers various ways to customize your advertising campaigns to reach your leads and clients. For many business owners, having many options is the ultimate way to ensure all their campaigns are directed to the right objective. However, an overload of details can overwhelm some, leading to mistakes or suboptimal strategies.

If you’re only getting started with Google Ads, you’ve probably done your homework by researching and made mistakes along the way. Or, maybe you’ve accidentally clicked on an ad that looked like it was something other than you expected. Probably, you’re still trying to find out what a “conversion pixel” is. Regardless of where you’re coming from, here are the seven factors to avoid when incorporating Google Ads for your medspa.

1.  The wrong conversion actions

The ultimate reason why we run campaigns in Google Ads is to get more attention and sales. Conversion tracking allows us to measure desired outcomes by utilizing pixels to track user actions on your site. While it may be the desired outcome to drive more traffic to your website, it doesn’t mean that each page view should be a conversion. You can quickly track these with existing metrics like pageviews in Google Analytics.

Instead, conversion actions should be treated as the higher-value actions a user can take, like filling out an online form or booking an appointment. Don’t get confused with seeing hundreds of “conversions” and not generating any sales.

2.  Poorly-written ads and lack of ad extensions

Not having or optimizing ad extensions are mistakes that you can deliberately avoid. Google has made it easier for everyone to write quality ad copy and adjust their settings to yield the best ROI. With ad extensions, you can utilize site links and call and location extensions to strengthen your ad. The right ad extensions will help increase your click rate. However, you need to ensure that your landing page is high-converting so that visitors will quickly and conveniently find what they’re looking for when they land there.

3.  The lack of bidding on your brand

It would be best to bid on your brand name and keywords to increase your medspa’s conversions. But along with that, you must pay attention to your brand’s value. A study shows that 66% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service if the company delivers a positive customer experience. This means you’ve got to consistently strive to increase your brand’s value.

You can deliver a consistently positive customer experience through SEO and PPC advertising. Grab every opportunity and tool available to you to nurture your brand, for your brand is you.

4.  Using incorrect keywords and match types

One of the most important things to consider when setting up Google Ads is the keywords and match types you want to use. You may choose from phrase, broad, exact, and negative keywords. The keyword you should use would highly depend on the search term users might use to find your medspa’s services. You may want to consider using the phrase and exact keywords as they are widely used in all industries due to the capability of narrower targeting.

5.  Auto-applying recommendations

These past years, Google Ads has created recommendations directly on the platform to help advertisers optimize their campaigns. While some suggestions are helpful and can be instrumental in achieving your goals, it is worth noting that most of them are based on “best practices” across a wide range of accounts and don’t specifically consider your unique account goals.

It is advisable to review the recommendations given, but be careful not to hand Google complete control and allow it to apply its recommendations to your account automatically.

6.  Not knowing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Do you know the lifetime value of your patients? If you don’t, then you’re wasting time and money. If you ask yourself how much you will spend on Ads to win one client, what’s the answer? Unfortunately, there’s no utility in guessing. Instead, scratch the assumptions and guesswork by calculating your Customer’s Lifetime Value. The CLV is how much money customers are expected to spend in their lifetime while engaging with your brand. Your client’s lifetime value is much more complex than your ROI (Return On Investment). But they work and depend on each other to grow your medspa business.

7.  Missing to test the optimal ad position

When you bid more than the others targeting the exact keywords, your ad will more likely appear at the top, given that you have the same quality score. Your ad’s quality is highly dependent on your click rate, the quality of your keywords, and the targeted keywords. That score will determine where your ad gets placed.

Contrary to others, position #1 may not always be ideal. It’s true that higher ad rankings typically get the most clicks, but they don’t acquire the most conversions. That means you don’t need to rank #1 for your ads to start generating quality clicks.

Instead, being in the #3-5 positions will work best if you want to get results such as traffic, quality links, and conversions. Your goal shouldn’t be to bid higher than other bidders. Focusing on your quality score is more of your game because a high-quality score will drive a better ad rank position.

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