Five Email Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Medical Aesthetics Business.

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, so it’s given that this channel has some data-backed, tried-and-true strategies. Marketers may even hesitate to leave behind their learnings as they adopt a new medium like business texting. However, email marketing techniques need not go to waste as many of them can also be applied to SMS marketing.

Moreover, email and SMS marketing are commonly pitted against one another. Text messages have an extremely high open rate of 98%, with a response rate of 45%. But overall, email remains one of the most potent forms of communication today mainly because of its accessible, reliable, and long-form capabilities. Both communication channels have their benefits, which is why the wisest and savviest companies don’t choose one: they use both. They capitalize on the most vital features of each channel to enhance their overall marketing strategies.

Are you curious about the five email marketing strategies to expand your medical aesthetics business? This post will tell you more about what you can do to strengthen your emails and catch your target audience’s attention. Read on to learn more!

Strategy # 1: Personalize your messages

The advantage of personalized emails is well-documented. Studies show that personalized emails can deliver a transaction rate six times higher than non-personalized ones. Marketers are accustomed to using email marketing platforms that automatically add each recipient’s name to a mass list of email addresses, therefore, widening their recipient list but increasing the need to focus more on email personalization. Personalizing your emails can help make your audience feel you care about them.

In some ways, personalization is more significant with business SMS. But the good news is that you can quickly personalize both business texts and emails. Advanced business texting platforms enable teams to send personalized messages to lists of recipients by automatically filling in templates for each recipient. Platforms include custom field options like appointment dates, addresses, purchase records, etc.

Strategy # 2: Segment your subscribers

Segmenting or dividing recipient lists based on specific qualifications can do very well in email marketing. This tactic allows you and your team to send relevant content to people most likely interested in your medical aesthetics services. This way, the recipients who opt to receive emails will find that the content they receive is valuable. It’s a successful strategy considering 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced higher open rates, 24% experienced better deliverability and increased revenue, and 28% experienced lower unsubscribe rates.

Strategy # 3: Automate your campaigns

Drip campaigns, sometimes known as “trigger campaigns,” are also widely used in email marketing. These automated campaigns send different batches of emails based on specific criteria, such as whether the recipient clicked on the initial email. Trigger-based email campaigns can generate four times the revenue and, thus, greater profits than regular emails. SMS marketing also offers similar automation. In a drip campaign, contacts are automatically added to a list when they opt-in to texting services or when they opt-in to a texting service.

Strategy # 4: Run A/B tests on your medical aesthetics business’s email campaigns

Marketers rely on regular A/B testing to fortify their email marketing strategies. A/B testing involves creating two identical emails but adjusting one item in one of the emails for testing, e.g., the subject line. Afterward, half of the recipients are sent version A and the other half version B. After reviewing the analytics, marketers decipher which email was more successful and utilize the same technique in the future. Research shows that successful marketing programs are 70.2% more likely to A/B test their emails at least once a year and 94.7% more likely to A/B test their transactional emails at least once a year.

Strategy # 5: Track overall results

In marketing, nothing is more important than tracing and analyzing campaigns, then improving the strategies based on these insights’ results. Every efficient email marketing platform offers marketers analytics capabilities. While measuring success with SMS marketing is slightly different from measuring success with email, the basic principles are the same: data and KPIs provide critical insight into how your medical aesthetics business can improve your campaigns.

How can I jumpstart my email marketing strategy for my medical aesthetics business?

A targeted email marketing strategy may be that extra push your practice needs to optimize your marketing efforts fully. If you’re searching for an experienced, results-oriented digital marketing partner to help you take this leap of faith, look no further than Growth99. Our team of digital marketing experts has aided hundreds of medical aesthetics practices in retaining their past clients and attracting new, high-quality leads. Are you interested in learning more about how our team can help your marketing efforts up to 21st-century standards? Contact us today and discover how you can join our team of satisfied clients!

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