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GMB: Benefits Of Having It For Your Medspa

Since Med Spas are typically brick-and-mortar establishments, focusing marketing efforts on the immediate vicinity makes sense. Since the internet may help you reach people worldwide, even if you’re only interested in selling locally, there are better fits than marketing strategies based on the internet.

However, internet marketing allows you to streamline your efforts and focus on locals. Using Google My Business is an ideal tool for medical spas. Growth99 is a small business marketing platform that may assist you in integrating Google My Business into a local strategy.

If you want to attract more of the correct customers online, Google My Business is a must-have tool. It’s an excellent medium for interacting with potential customers in your area. How does it function, and how might it benefit your medical spa? Let’s dig in.

What Is GMB?

Using Google’s free service, Google My Business, a company can set up a presence on the web. It’s an excellent tool because it makes it easier for consumers in your area to find local businesses like yours using Google Search and Maps.

Your medspa will appear in search results and on the Google Maps app for your local area when locals look for medspa. When people in your neighborhood are looking for medspa services, having a solid web presence can help them locate your business.

If you don’t offer this to your customers, your competitors will, and they will get more of your potential client’s money. This service will put your company ahead of the pack. Using Google My Business tools, you can uncover methods to differentiate your company from the competition. 

By setting up a Google My Business page, you can manage how your medical spa is presented on Google and other search engines. On top of that, here are more benefits you can enjoy from incorporating Google My Business into your medspa:

1. Google My Business Works In Tandem With Google Search And Maps

With Google My Business, you can reach locals actively looking for your products or services. Your medical spa will appear as a local option when consumers conduct location-based searches or view Google Maps for companies in their area.

Connecting your medical spa with local customers is a breeze with this app’s many valuable features. This resource allows you to disseminate data to locals, who can leave feedback in the form of reviews, messages, and responses to polls and other questions.

2. Google My Business Allows For Efficient Updates

Although it may seem obvious, many businesses need to keep their contact information and operating hours up to date, leading to frustrated customers. Double-check the Info section and make necessary adjustments to the listed business hours. You can also provide holiday and other non-standard hours here.

You can upload photos of your business, before and after pictures, logos, etc., under the Photos page. Increase your Google ranking and draw attention to your wares by uploading as many high-quality photographs as possible. It’s a good idea to have plenty of photos for potential customers to peruse in case they click on your gallery. Whether or whether it leads them directly back to your business for an appointment booking decision remains to be seen.

3. Encourages Reviews

Customers who have used your medspa can provide reviews on Google. It may be scary to ask for feedback on your business, but doing so could be profitable. Potential customers sometimes look to online review sites when determining whether or not to use your service. Ninety percent or more of consumers read and value feedback left on websites by previous customers before making purchasing decisions.

Using their personal Google accounts, your customers can write a review of your company and connect it to your profile. They can also leave a comment in addition to a star rating from one to five. Once new users check your profile, they can see your overall rating, which is the aggregate of all the individual ratings they have seen. They can learn more about the reliability of your business by clicking it and reading customer reviews.

Customer endorsements add trustworthiness to your business by showing potential clients that others have tried your product and found it satisfactory. Reviews that are both positive and informative will help put your patients’ minds at ease and give them more information about the treatments and services your med spa offers. They replace traditional word-of-mouth in the modern world.

You can also respond to customer comments on Google Reviews. As a result, you’ll be able to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and increase your business. Replying to negative feedback is an option as well. If handled professionally and with a genuine desire to make things right, this kind of reaction can have a net positive effect on your business. While doing so, you may become aware of some of your shortcomings. Google claims that a corporation gains credibility of 1.7% when it shows interest in customer feedback.

4. Google My Business Offers A Question And Answer Feature

With this new tool, customers can submit inquiries about your company directly through Google Search or Google Maps. Other customers can then answer the questions. You can also participate by responding to questions related to your company. Doing so allows you to control the story and dispel any misunderstandings about your company. The answer you provide would be authoritative and relied upon by your customers.

FAQs are accessible to potential customers. They can know your business’s ins and outs by referring to the FAQs or asking questions through Google Search or Google Maps. And all of that, without setting a foot into your medspa. 

While it may seem counterproductive since they won’t have to visit your medspa for questions, it makes them feel more respected since their inquiries are answered reliably, making them want to see your medspa more. 

Expand Your GMB Practice With Growth99 Today!

Expanding your medical practice requires a solid local SEO strategy. Since the advent of mobile search, local SEO has grown in importance and utility. In the next five years, the impact of mobile searches on global GDP could top $1.5 trillion, according to a recent survey of experts.

The question now is whether or not your med spa is making the most of Google My Business to draw in new customers continually. Growth99 offers a variety of digital marketing solutions, including Google My Business, that can improve your med spa’s search engine optimization. Get in touch for a free consultation to learn how digital marketing can revolutionize your business. Try your luck with Growth99 now!

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