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5 Hacks On How To Get More Organic Instagram Followers For Your Medical Spa

Got an Instagram account but want more organic traffic? We’ve got a solution if you do most of the techniques and nothing seems to work. Growth99 is here to give you tricks (and hacks) that can nail your medical spa business. Stay tuned with us in this post!


Growing your Instagram Profile

Everything should not be about numbers — and technically, your followers. Is that right? But sadly, today’s world doesn’t approve of that. Regarding the number of followers on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram, numbers are essential. 


Suppose you are pursuing a career that has nothing to do with your social media platform. In that case, it does not matter how many followers you have. However, these numbers become crucial whether you are operating an online business or establishing a brand. 


Even if you are expanding your Instagram followers, you must ensure they are genuine to maintain a sustainable social media presence. Not everyone has the financial resources to invest in paid traffic. 


The good news is that there are techniques to gain Instagram followers naturally. So, how do we achieve that? Here are five hacks on how to get your traffic on the go with your Medical Spa. 

1. Delivering Good Quality Content

To know how to build your Instagram audience organically, you should examine the content of your account. Using the appropriate material can help you naturally acquire new followers.


First, take high-quality photographs with everything in sharp focus. Remember that Instagram is a visual platform and that you are competing with some visually spectacular postings.


Natural light, a sharp image, and a pertinent background will do wonders for your photos; you don’t need an expensive camera. Modern smartphones can produce stunning images, but a picture is merely images without a narrative and a human touch.


Daily posting is essential but ensuring that every post meets the highest standards is even more crucial. Therefore, no photo is still superior to a lousy picture. If you don’t like it, there’s a strong probability that neither will your followers. Be loyal to your followers.


2. Doing your captions

Well, captions are excellent tools for filling in the blanks and ensuring that the tale is complete. Keep your Instagram message brief, pleasant, and straightforward; it will reach more people than you’d imagine.


If you want your Instagram to grow naturally, don’t limit yourself to a single photo. Repeatedly posting the same types of posts can extend tediously. 


Break the cycle of your regular posts by occasionally including video and carousel posts. Then, review your analytics to determine which style of post yields the best results.

3. Improve your Instagram profile

Before beginning the process of gaining followers, you must optimize your Instagram account. Because the bio, username, profile image, and posts you’ve published, together with their captions, will be the first things a visitor sees when they open your Instagram account. 


Based on this, a visitor determines whether or not to follow your Instagram account. Choose a good username based on the type of account you’re attempting to create, then follow it with a compelling bio. It is advisable to include hashtags in your bio for easier discovery. 


Additionally, your Instagram profile photo should reflect the goal of your account. For example, you can use your image if you are developing a personal brand. However, if you are creating a fashion brand, you should choose a professional logo.


4. Follow/Unfollow Technique

The Follow/Unfollow Method is the final Instagram marketing approach that must be implemented. Despite Instagram’s disapproval, it is undeniably a highly effective marketing strategy for fast garnering more followers.


In essence, you gain new followers by following a large portion of the target population you wish to engage, thus bringing their attention to your existence. By following them, you hope they will return the favor.


For instance, you may follow the followers of a local micro-influencer in your area whose audience matches your target demographic or the followers of a local clinic that is comparable to your business. 


To encourage a relationship, like and comment on the postings of individuals who follow you back. Unfollow those who do not follow you back. You can follow up with up to sixty new accounts per hour, allowing for rapid account growth and greater visibility.

5. Post as much as you can

Consistency cannot be overlooked when it comes to acquiring Instagram followers. According to a survey by Tailwind, Instagram accounts that post daily to gain more followers. 


Instagram’s algorithm is designed to favor accounts that consistently upload material. Additionally, consistent publishing will increase your engagement rate, which will again work in your favor due to Instagram’s algorithm. 


Please keep in mind, however, that blogging frequently does not imply that you should produce more content without regard for its quality. Quality is always essential. According to a study, four Instagram posts each week indicate consistency. 


Additionally, you can schedule your Instagram posts to avoid manually uploading everything.

6. Use related hashtags

Although the caption text is not searchable, hashtags are. Using relevant hashtags will assist you in connecting with new users. For example, if your brand produces Good Morning quotes, motivational messages, or calm Good Night quotes. 


There is an excellent likelihood that Instagram users will follow your account if you use the hashtags they follow. For a better result, it is beneficial to conduct hashtag research and to remain experimental.


7. Utilize the Network 

Without networking, you cannot expect to have an audience, much less increase your Instagram followers.


Therefore, networking will enable you to communicate with a broad audience on Instagram, resulting in the expansion and popularity of your business on Instagram.


Here are some suggestions on how to proceed:


  • Participate in the feeds of others.
  • Respond to people’s comments on your images to engage with them.
  • Collaborate with other Instagram users and participate in #followfriday or variations for your specialty.
  • Tag businesses, influencers, and followers in your social media postings to increase your exposure.
  • Establish contests.
  • Permit others to repost your Instagram content (by resharing it to their Story).


Setting up recurrent freebies is a great strategy to acquire new followers and make your existing Instagram followers enthusiastic about something new.


Last Words

The five growth hacking tools listed above are helpful and simple ways to boost your Instagram following dramatically. These strategies rapidly and efficiently acquire more followers, enhance traffic, and encourage better user/potential customer involvement. 


In the end, these astonishingly easy and straightforward tactics result in more visibility and cash. If you ever need help with your medical spa and have a considerable challenge facing things, contact us here at Growth99


We’ve got a special team to help you boost your Instagram followers. Let’s ensure to keep your MedSpa traffic running organically! 

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