Hacks on Why Instagram is a Social Media Powerhouse


When you thought that Instagram is all about photos and hashtags, creative innovations are put into focus to generate the sales your business needs.

Its launch was a success and people are still hyped with the app. Here are the reasons why Instagram is the total venue where all media meets. Pictures, videos, tutorials, item sales… you name it, Instagram has it. 

Just a decade of being one of the apps with the most users and most times downloaded social media, Instagram continues acquiring popularity and gaining new users each day all over the world.

Its prototype version, called Burbn, started as a web app check-in site in 2009 by Kevin Stystrom. After redirecting the app and stripping its features to turn into a photo-sharing media in October of 2010, Instagram garnered 25,000 new users in just one day!

As fast as its flight on top, it stays as a relevant social media application of this generation and the generations to come. Instagram has added more user-friendly features since its instant success like sharing post across other social media accounts, uploading multiple photos at the same time, and adding “Instagram Stories” which was a big hit that allows the user’s post to stay visible for the audience for 24 hours after its original post time. All these effective upgrades while sticking to its uniquely simple design and easy to navigate features.

Today, in its 10 years of staying at the top of the game, Instagram is the total Powerhouse of Social Media and here are particular reasons why:

Simple and Beauty Combined

Stystrom started Instagram with a clear mind that the app will be easy and apparent to users. The simplicity of its feature and its graphic design is its core and the primary trait of the app that attracts more users.

Aside from the design and features of the app, its purpose to post and share photographs on-site and on all popular social media platforms gave ordinary people and celebrities to gain popularity and relevance in the social media world. Non-celebrity users become insta-famous for posting gorgeous selfies and interesting images. Famous personalities use this platform to connect to their audience and fans. Kylie Jenner and Cara Delivigne, both big names in the modeling industries have gained over 10 million followers.

Pictures Are Not Boring

Pictures are fun to see, unlike words and long paragraphs. Whether it is a photo taken by a professional or amateur photographer or a selfie of a user she took right after she woke up, people are more interested to scroll through them than read an explicit and careful description of how you feel about the plating of the pasta meal you ordered in a fancy restaurant. Some people are born creative and very little are gifted with photography skills. But most people are so good at using filters, which is a popular feature on Instagram, to create visually friendly images. Are you one of them? Then, you understand how playing with the filters through the site till 1 AM is addictive.

Everyone Is On It!

Politicians, singers, actors, models, bartenders, parents, even cats have accounts on Instagram! Since its partnership with Facebook, the app has made it even easier to connect with people you want to follow. The modernity in social media is not a reason to set a boundary for people who can use Instagram. Since it is easy to use and simple, even grandparents can create their account and enjoy sharing happy moments.

Everything Is On It!

When I say everything, I mean everything. You can watch videos, see pictures, hear music, enjoy foods you have never tasted or known before. You can even find practical and useful content such as tutorials, products, services, and advertisements. All businesses and industries meet on one platform: Instagram.

It’s Only Getting Bigger

According to Investopedia.com, a prediction of eMarketer says that Instagram will gain 117.2 million users by 2021. And it will just be the app’s 11th year by then, how many more users can it gain for more coming years? COVID-19 is still a threat to most countries and staying safe at home is still a must. People need social media now than ever to stay connected and updated with family, friends, and current news. It is no wonder that Instagram will keep on rising and expanding with more people using the most popular photo-sharing social media.

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