How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Med Spa Practice


We can all agree that med spas are more than just salons with different names. Many patients go to medspas for specialized treatments because they can’t get those treatments anywhere else. But what exactly does it mean to run a med spa? In this article, we’ll cover ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can help your business, as well as give tips for finding the right technology for your practice to easily integrate AI into your daily workflow.

Find new clients.

One of the best ways to find new clients is through a channel that’s already proven successful. This can include social media, search engine marketing (SEM), or email marketing. The key is to determine which forms of advertising have produced positive results in the past and then amplify their effectiveness with AI.

The benefit of using AI to find new customers is that it doesn’t just increase your efficiency and reach but also allows you to target specific groups of people who may be interested in what you offer. For example, if someone searches “best spa near me,” Google will show them ads from nearby spas based on their location and search history. This information can help businesses gauge how much to spend on SEM advertising.

There are several ways artificial intelligence can help improve traditional methods for finding new clients as well:

Analyze your advertising.

If you’re trying to decide what advertising channels are best for your business and how much it costs to advertise in those channels, a tool like AI can help.

AI can analyze the performance of your ads across multiple platforms and give you insight into which ones are working and which aren’t. This way, instead of making decisions based on gut instinct or anecdotal evidence, you’ll have actual data-backed insights telling you where to focus your efforts and how much money to spend.

Get patient feedback.

Ask your patients for feedback. But then, don’t just ask them—make sure they do it! You want to hear what they say and ensure they give you their honest opinion. That’s where our AI comes in.

Once you’ve gathered all of this data, our AI will analyze it, learn from it and recommend changes based on these insights. It will help you understand what patients prefer when they visit your practice so that you can create an experience that makes them feel taken care of and at ease.

Then, based on what’s working best for customers (and which features aren’t), the system will automatically update your systems so that everything is running smoothly for future appointments—no need for manually updating or training new employees on how things work around here!

Improve the patient experience.

The patient experience is crucial to the success of your practice. After all, if you’re not making patients feel at home and welcome in your med spa, they won’t want to come back. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help you improve the patient experience while also helping them feel more comfortable with their skin health.

AI can help you understand your patients better by analyzing data and providing insights into what makes them tick. By using AI tools like chatbots to automate customer conversations and collect information about them, doctors can access valuable insights that could otherwise go unnoticed or unused. These insights include:

  • What are the patient’s biggest concerns?
  • What are their preferences when it comes to treatment options?
  • How do they feel about staff members?

Increase efficiency.

One of the most important ways AI can help your med spa practice is by increasing efficiency.

AI can schedule appointments, manage patient intake, follow up on patients, and even remind you when it’s time to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Virtual assistants for your practice.

AI can help with the following:


AI can help you schedule appointments and bookings for your patients. If a patient schedules an appointment for a consultation, AI can notify them when it’s time to arrive at the spa or even give them directions to get there. It can also communicate with other team members to ensure they’re available.

Patient management 

Through machine learning, AI can identify patterns in patient data and respond accordingly. For example, AI will flag a pattern of missed appointments or poor messaging between doctor and patient so that you know when something needs addressing before it becomes an issue.


AI will automatically send out marketing emails based on the wants and needs indicated by previous interactions with clients (e-commerce).

Customer Service 

The same technology used for marketing purposes can also be applied to an automated customer service experience. For example, bots can reply to specific requests/questions/complaints, and more.


Of course, artificial intelligence is already being used in modern society. It is used across many different sectors and for numerous tasks. So why shouldn’t it be tapped into to increase your business? The healthcare and medical industries are two areas thriving with the use of AI. But how can it be implemented in your med spa? Book a call with Growth99 today to learn more about this technology.

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