How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Grow Your Med Spa Business

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Most medical spas and cosmetic surgery clinics share a common flaw: they need to keep up with the times when it comes to internet marketing. This is because many of them are run by doctors, who aren’t up-to-date on new advertising methods, such as social media.

For example, when a doctor starts a new med spa, they will often hire someone with experience with social media and digital marketing to handle their online presence. Existing business owners may find this a costly venture. If you fit into this description, you may have no idea where to start your efforts, and that’s where AI can help you! 

What’s An AI?

Artificial intelligence refers to computer programs that can independently reason, learn, and solve problems. The capacity to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data has increased its use, although the technology is not new.

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to learn via unstructured data and generate patterns.

The wellness industry can now stay up with the times thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML), with specific applications emphasizing care. The spa industry is no exception to the widespread changes brought about by AI and ML in other sectors. There is a plethora of room for innovation in the health and wellness industry, but it will take targeted technological advances to keep the emphasis on health, healing, and caring.

We’ll examine how AI and ML are shaking up the wellness industry and the vast opportunities they bring for spas and other wellness enterprises.

1.) Increases Your Clinic’s Efficiency

The capacity to improve productivity is a significant advantage of cutting-edge technology such as AI and machine learning. Artificial intelligence can process exponentially more data than any human could ever hope to.

Whereas a human receptionist would be able to find time in the schedule of the requested employee for a client, an AI might be able to recommend the ideal massage therapist for a client based on that person’s preferences, availability, and prior spa visits, for instance. Recommendations enabled by machine learning will only get better over time as the client gives more data points through repeat visits, additional service bookings, and feedback.

Similarly, AI can relieve spa workers of tedious tasks that weigh them down. Critical workflows and customer-facing activities can be automated, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks. For more productive use of automation, consider how AI can assist you:

  • Instead of ordering more products when shelves appear empty, use data to maximize budgets and optimize stock procedures.
  • Clients can be notified of their upcoming appointments or that it’s time to reschedule automatically.
  • Feedback is an excellent opportunity for your team to develop and improve based on real-world experiences.

2.) Enhances Customer Experiences

Artificial intelligence can help enhance your services because it paves the way for more efficient customer service without the high costs associated with maintaining a permanent, around-the-clock human workforce or a team of specialists.

Installing a chatbot on your spa’s website, for instance, simplifies the information-gathering process for customers and reduces the time receptionists spend on the phone answering basic queries about the business’s location, hours, and services.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an excellent method to add a valuable layer of technology to the current client experience, complementing the already-present 24/7 virtual assistance. Spa-goers should expect more personalized recommendations from high-tech health sensors and scanners enabled by machine learning technology.

In addition, artificial intelligence may generate model before and after pictures to help clients see the results of an operation or treatment. Customers are more likely to be satisfied with the services they select if they see a sneak peek at the results of that service. However, the cost of this component may be prohibitive for some.

3.) Increases Profits 

A self-perpetuating cycle of advantages drives up sales resulting from the interconnected nature of AI features. Clients who have a pleasant experience at a spa are more likely to return and spend more money.

However, providing customers with tailored suggestions is another way AI might help enhance revenue. An AI may analyze all the information about your customers’ past purchases from your spa, in-store or online, and recommend new products based on their previous ones.

Exterior details, such as the seasonal and industry patterns dominating the market on a given day, can also be taken into account by AIs. A practical method of increasing customers’ propensity to buy is to recommend products and services that appeal to their prior preferences and current requirements.

Automatically tweaking your pricing strategy in response to sales patterns and revenue targets can help you clear more profit with every transaction you complete. This is another way in which artificial intelligence and machine learning can increase sales.

4.) Reduce Liability

Although it is required by law for spas to collect client medical histories, it is still being determined whether or not this data is used effectively.

Spa therapists may hold advanced degrees in their professions but often have yet to study medicine. It should be kept from chance whether or not they can tailor treatment to the client’s specific medical history when they begin a consultation by going through that client’s medical history.

Since machine learning allows AIs to be educated rapidly and exhaustively in any discipline, it can help with this. While artificial intelligence (AI) may not be able to replace doctors just yet, it can help spa workers make sense of their customers’ medical histories and concerns.

Are there any concerns about the safety of a drug’s ingredients for the people who take it? Or, does the patient’s history of previous injuries, surgeries, or diseases make it unlikely that a given treatment option is the best one for them? Spa owners can benefit from these suggestions since they help them reduce liability and better use the medical data they already collect.


It’s no secret why AI is such a talking point in the world of online advertising right now. With the help of AI, you can expand your consumer base, target your messages more effectively, streamline your marketing operations, save costs, and boost your bottom line.

However, staying ahead of the competition in the brave new world of digital marketing requires an awareness of what artificial intelligence can accomplish for your company. Contact us immediately if you want to learn more about how Growth99’s resources and packages can assist you.

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