How Instagram Can Grow My Medical Spa

Instagram is more than a place for foodies, photography hobbyists, and travelers. It’s more than a micro-blogging site. When done right, it can become a powerful platform for your medical spa. It can help you as a place where you can connect with leads, answer queries, and the stage for your marketing campaigns.

With all this untapped marketing potential, you would want to create an Instagram profile for your business. If you’re still not convinced, here are more instances of how Instagram can help you grow your medical spa. 

People Going Mobile

As more people are going mobile with phones, tablets, and laptops, signing up for networking sites like Instagram is the way to go. As they say, be where the people are. By driving your marketing materials where your leads often frequent, you can potentially grow your lead reach and, ultimately, your client base.

With Instagram, you can ease your way into the daily post feeds of users. Users can chance upon your posts while commuting, queueing, or while on a work break. This way, you can reinforce your brand and stay in the minds of interested individuals and keep them posted about your business. 

Create Visual Impact

Text can only do so much. At times, you may need pictures to speak more than the written word can. Instagram is big on images and video content. In such an environment, having well-made images and graphics can create a lasting visual impact on your audience. The way you use colors can set the mood and trajectory of your branding. 

An Extension of Your Branding

If you have set a style guide on how you market your medical spa, Instagram is another place where you should apply it. If you haven’t thought about creating cohesive branding for your business, it pays to do so. That way you can unify how you position your medspa in different platforms—emails, website pages, and social media accounts, including Instagram.

Boosting your brand on Instagram can help you grow your medical spa. If done right, you can position your medspa as a business your audience would need and could trust.

Digital Storytelling

Words aren’t always enough to leave a lasting impact on the minds of your audience. Thanks to the nature of Instagram, you can use a series of images and videos to create a story. Your captions also play a role in giving context to the images you upload online. Instagram is a good place to conduct a series of marketing campaigns. You can plan out your content to suit your business goals, such as getting more reservations for your medical spa or introduce a new treatment that you offer.

Potential Virality

Like any social media post, your post has the potential of virality. Although getting your post to reach millions of users overnight is too much of a stretch. What you can benefit from is the power of sharing and social boosts. Once an Instagram user interacts with your post, you can possibly enter in the radars of that user’s connections. Basically, your exposure is multiplied thanks to social networking algorithms and social sharing buttons. By mastering how to get your Instagram posts to become engaging and shareable, you can expand the limits of your marketing strategies.

Increase Social Reach

You can also expand your social reach by connecting with people who share interests that are in line with your business. Following accounts can be a way to get noticed by people. Once you follow other people, they are likely to check out your Instagram profile. If their interest is piqued, you get a follow back. Now that gives you one more person who can turn into a client in the future.

Influencer Halo

Social media influencers can potentially sway public opinion to a certain extent. You can get in touch with Instagram stars who have thousands of users. Even better, you can collaborate with influencers who have the audiences you need for your business. Let’s say the social media star positions herself as a beauty and makeup guru. That influencer would likely have tons of followers who are interested in beauty and body aesthetics. If you can sponsor that person with a facial treatment or a hair removal procedure, you can get the person to broadcast your medical spa to thousands of users.

If you want to kickstart your marketing strategies with Instagram, you can collaborate with the experts of Growth99. A single partnership can get you in touch with a dedicated team of content writers, graphic designers, and social media experts. Growth99 can also help you manage your profile, interact with users, and plan out the content. In that way, you can just focus on providing excellent services and leave all the tricky marketing with the company.

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