How Online Reputation Management Can Bring You Good Viewership

The internet has been the most commonly used platform worldwide, with social media becoming the most convenient and the easiest way to communicate with other people. Social media sites have been the online “diary “for most people. Everything you do, what you eat or what you wear, buy, where you go to are posted in these online communication platforms not because you just wanted to show off, but because it’s a trend. Sometimes we don’t think twice before posting in our social media accounts. We have lost control over what comments or tweets you put in your accounts. You may think that these things don’t matter and not a big deal, because who cares? It’s your social media account after all. Just like everyone says, it’s your post, your life, so others are not supposed to don’t meddle with it. Wrong. Sometimes the things we post, may it be good or bad, significantly affect our online reputation. Little did we know that online reputation is an excellent factor employers or customers check for your credibility. Even if it’s just an online profile, it’s a significant factor for employers and customers in choosing to engage in your services or not. Online reputation management aims to help you address and fix your social media etiquette for a greater cause. It will help you “clean or “hide” your “secrets” in social media that you think could ruin your reputation. Online reputation management will help you manage and control what are the things that you should and shouldn’t post in social media site. Online reputation management will help make you a better and responsible internet user.


Why is online reputation important?

They say that first impressions last and indeend that is partly true. However, even if first impressions don’t last they still give a big impact on the perception of who you are. If you are applying for a job, the very first impression of the employer will contribute to the decision-making process of whether to hire you or not. Even in the online world, reputation is very important. Having a clean reputation online will give others an idea of how you behave in real life. Online reputation is important because most of what you do or say online reflects what kind of person you are. Some employers or clients may try to befriend you on social media sites in order to find out more about you. Your social media sites, if not managed well, could be a reservoir of information. This is why you should always be mindful of what you post online. Online reputation is important because it will either make or break your career.


What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management is the proper handling of an online account to protect an individual’s or a company’s reputation. It refers to the control of all the things that should be posted online to ensure that what is shown online are the necessary information that could provide a good impression to those who will see. Online reputation is more than monitoring online activities. It also teaches techniques and strategies that will ensure people find the correct and neat material when they search for you in the internet. The purpose of online reputation is to create balance, restrain misleading information while allowing you to build a good reputation online.

How to clean up your online reputation?


There are ways that can help you manage your online reputation. Read on.


  1. Determine if there is a problem


Online reputation management includes knowing and addressing if there are any problems arising from their service or their online image. First thing you need to know is the cause of the problem, once you determine the problem you will know how to address and fix it. Determining the problem help you identify want went wrong and what could cause a damage in your online reputation. Problems arise if things like negative comments or misleading information are not addressed, therefore it’s necessary that when something is not right immediately find the root cause and find ways to solve it so that further damage will be prevented.


  1. Know the red flags.



Once that you already know what the problems are, make sure that they won’t be a problem the second time around. You must now be aware what would be the possible causes of problems that could ruin your online reputation. Red flag includes, embarrassing or inappropriate photos and videos, a negative comment or misleading judgements, poor grammar and spelling, complaints and rants about something or someone or anything that you posted or done online. Suffice it to say, it is literally anything that tarnishes your online reputation. Remember that anybody can now easily check things on the internet and that there is a possibility that the person searching for you is a potential client, employer, or business. Always check on the red flags on your accounts and take actions before the situation gets worse.



  1. Move forward.

There are instances that what you posted or what you say online cannot be taken back. Don’t feel bad and instead let it be a reminder and a lesson that “once the water comes out the faucet you cannot return it”. Always think twice before posting or doing anything online because it only takes a minute before the world knows your thing. What’s on the internet sometimes stay in the internet forever and can spread like wildfire. When things cannot be controlled or if what you’ve done cannot be undone, there’s nothing else to do but to move on. You cannot dwell on that particular situation all time and make yourself guilty. Rather do something that would cover up the damage, do something better that would counter-act the negative action you did. Move on and be better. Internet can spread things in just a matter of seconds so always be mindful of the things you post online.



  1. Delete.

Just like throwing away garbage, press the delete button if you think a certain post, photo or video could ruin your online reputation. There is nothing wrong on removing things in your life that don’t and will not bring any good cause to you. It’s not that you are embarrassed because of your wrong grammar and spelling, or because of a funny photo of you. Things like these can still be corrected even if it means you have to delete some posts. Your online reputation matters as a basis of your behavior and personality. Removing unnecessary pictures and posts could help you maintain a clean online reputation.


  1. Be real

Honesty is still the best policy. One of the simplest way to clean your online reputation is by being true, not only with the viewers but also to yourself. Being honest doesn’t make you less of a person, instead it’s your card to make people trust in you. Just think when you posted something on your social media account that is not true and someone believed it, do you think it would be easy to take it back? Of course not. It could just make an impression to those who believe that you are not honest. It could tarnish your reputation. Do not pretend to be someone you are not online. Even if it is easy to access your information online, there is always a way to find out the truth. If people lost trust in you, it would be really hard to earn it again. Having a bad reputation could take away opportunities from you. Always be real and always be honest, do not be afraid of telling the truth because honesty is one of the most powerful traits that builds a clean reputation.


Online reputation management is a not an easy thing to do, you need to monitor and control what you post because one wrong move on the internet could ruin your reputation which took you years to build in seconds. There is nothing wrong with posting picture, a video, and some personal thoughts on the internet but always be mindful of the things you post because you never know who is watching and checking your profile. Sometimes too, your information could be used for bad reasons and that could mess up your online reputation.


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