How To Create A Powerful Social Media Following For Your Medical Spa

Social media can be a massive marketing tool if proper techniques are utilized to maximize your potential. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have an enormous amount of registered users. Having this market at your fingertips can boost your following and patient base substantially. 

Facebook and Instagram ownership is now the same entity that has made content posting more straightforward as posting can occur simultaneously. Facebook has a solid customer base and recommendations for Facebook captions and blog links. While Instagram and Twitter are significant, Facebook is the go-to for individuals because it has been available and has more of a story following than the other two. 

Facebook has a broader range of users across all age groups, where Instagram and Snapchat have a much younger audience. Younger adults are essential for marketing, but starting with the larger market will be more beneficial. 

Statistics show that more than 75% of individuals worldwide use Facebook regularly, and when you leave Facebook for only 25%, that is not a productive decision. The younger platforms need attention as well but strategizing is vital for the full spectrum of users. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has a massive clientele market, and this business base has been available for quite some time where other platforms are now just entering. Facebook has optimization tools to target a specific audience as well. Facebook reported at the end of 2018 that they have 2.32 billion active users, and that equals out to be over one-third of the entire world. 

Facebook also offers recommendation services and broad marketplace tools that continue to provide innovations and upgrades. This optimization can create a target audience to cater to the medical spa clientele, which allows for proper marketing strategies with the Facebook platform. 

Marketing through Facebook is not just about the content but also about having topics that address services that your practice offers, knowledgeable and educational content, and interaction with the audience. Communication is the number one way to place your practice at the top of the prospect pool. Effectively conducting this will allow open conversations on the content posting that will answer the potential customers’ inquiries but give knowledge to anyone following this area of expertise.


Scheduling is a vital component in using marketing for social media because traffic flow differs throughout the day. The goal is to have the content and captions go into the newsfeed at the appropriate time and not allowing it to clog the newsfeed in a way that is not productive. 

The recommendations are to schedule content anywhere from 4-5 times per week. This amount will allow presence but not so much that it will turn people off to your practice. Spacing them out will also benefit your following. 

Always use a wide variety of content topics and avoid repetition while covering various information to help potential patients understand what you have to offer in services and your brand. 

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has a market for a younger audience but not so much that it will not be profitable to use in marketing. Instagram addresses the visible part of society. Not everyone identifies with learning in the same manner, and Instagram’s primary source of following starts with photos. Still, the content can accompany the image with a word count of 2200 characters. 

Facebook and Instagram’s main difference is a Facebook posting. Users can share on their personal page and Instagram is only shareable through messages as long as the privacy settings allow it. 

Instagrams audience age group is 18-29 years old, so the market is there for marketing with the proper marketing strategies overall use. A vast number of teenagers use Instagram and Snapchat, but making your presence active will create a following that will benefit your medical spa practice. 

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has been around for some time; until recently, it was not a marketable platform but has made a turnaround in popularity. This platform is now an active marketing place focusing on business, and there is room to market your medical spa practice through professional avenues.  

LinkedIn will have a positive effect on professionals that have a focus on their appearance. They currently have 154 million users that have an age range of senior-level and company decision-makers. This amount of users allow for a target audience beneficial to a medical spa. 

LinkedIn is popular with users who enjoy innovative industry news sources and life advice and skills that a medical spa can bring to the table with their services, self-care strategies, and overall well-being as this audience are in a high-stress market.

Scheduling Automatic Content

There are many social media content posting schedules available that allow for content to be on a schedule, allowing you to show consistency. This quality is essential in delivering your target audience what you have to offer. 

Organizing your content to keep the audience’s attention is also vital because you will start to lose your following when they get lethargic. Maintaining a database of content with a backstock will allow you to have a surplus when there is a writing block. Having specific tips and topics about the medical spas will benefit regardless of the length. Sometimes short and sweet is how to go, always have fun with it and let your personality shine through. 

Education About Medical Spas

Many negative stereotypes surround a medical spa, which comes from a lack of understanding of all you do, allowing your target audience to understand what you offer and ridding some of society of the prejudice surrounding this industry. 

Blogs and articles are sharable on Facebook and LinkedIn, so utilize this strategy to give your medical spa a deeper focus and spotlight with personalization. This linkable feature will also be linkable to your practice website with ease, and through this, more education is obtainable for new clients.


Medical spas have a marketable source, and social media is a solid platform to have, plus linking to your website will allow for increasing traffic. Using the scheduling and setting goals will allow you to build your practice through knowledge and education. 

Getting rid of some of the negative features that accompany a medical spa will put you in a top-rated practice position, so embrace social media and allow it to broaden your market.

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