How To Go Social With Your MedSpa

Social media has steadily become a powerful tool in many avenues of everyday life, and 15 years ago, no one could have imagined the direction that it would take and not just as a socializing tool. Technology has come a long way, and with the interworkings together, your MedSpa business needs to utilize this feature and allow your practice to transition to the social world. Growth is happening in the form of marketing, brand, and presence in the social media category that cannot be ignored and must be seen as the beneficial strategy that it entails. 

Social media is the innovative approach that has changed the way businesses operate through SEO targets and how the internet works for the consumer and business owners. Social media has allowed business and leisure to combine in search results; when consumers utilize their search engine, it transforms those results into all avenues of technology. When a prospective patient searches for a Medspa treatment through Google, it infiltrates that result into social media in the form of an ad campaign. Therefore suggestions develop through the avenues of Facebook and Instagram that are generated for that criteria. 

Social media marketing will allow your practice to target a specific audience through their location and demographic history. This process will change the playing field in the marketing industry by centering social media as one of the most potent and most used tools. Social media is not just Facebook anymore. With the use of the media and celebrities promoting businesses and services, there is a tool to benefit your practice positively. Medical cosmetic treatments are currently one of the essential topics in social media as our society strives for appearance goals and improvements to the skin as the consumer ages. 

Marketing this trend will allow your practice the presence to create a following that will label you an expert in your field while promoting your business and services. Your approach has the potential to become the leader of the industry by implementing features that are at your fingertips. When those features are utilized productively and efficiently, growth for your practice will happen, plus you are providing knowledge and expertise to the industry for a better understanding of Aesthetic practices that have previously been misunderstood.

How To Use Social Media As A Marketing Tool

 Social media possesses a wide variety of platforms that your practice can utilize, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are creative avenues to promote and market your Medspa practice with strategy-based techniques that ensure growth and development. Social media allows for interaction with your target audience, and by utilizing this feature, you will promote engagement with prospective patients searching for the services you offer. Mixing content, videos, and graphics to achieve your SEO strategy allows social media to turn into features that target the audience you are attempting to reach. 

Social media allows your practice to relay pertinent information and offer special offers to new patients while generating traffic to your business website. Your practice content is a vital component to building and maintaining your patient base. With social media, you will be able to promote that content across multiple social media avenues simultaneously. Your practice website can utilize blog content that can then be shared to all social media, generating traffic to your website with knowledgeable information. This strategy will create an image for your practice giving you a voice as an industry leader and expert in your field. 

Social Media And FAQ’s Utilization

FAQs are an essential element in the knowledge and understanding of the Aesthetic cosmetic industry. Your Medspa can utilize this strategy to reduce stigma for your practice by supplying knowledge to potential patients contemplating the services you offer. When you create an educational basis that allows your likely patients to identify with a potential concern, they may have questions before committing. The FAQ platform can answer questions such as specific treatment options for skin conditions and possible side effects, and post-procedure care.

Using this effective strategy, your practice can implement peace of mind before the procedure takes place and vital information for pre and post-procedure requirements. This technique will also guide your practice as a leader in customer service and your dedication to your client’s care and comfort. Social media will allow this information to be utilized for current and future use. This feature can also be shared, giving your brand and services a word of mouth effect. Your clients will continue to be the most significant marketing feature through their appearance and experience in your MedSpa.

Promote Contests And Surveys

This will also allow you to practice engagement with your target audience and the individuals that follow your business. Using contests and offering surveys on the patient experience will attract a more significant following with the growth potential available with this marketing tactic. Offering a contest to promote a specific service will achieve your digital presence and generate added traffic to your website for further information. 

Facebook provides a survey option that can be added that will go out to all the followers that you possess. Instagram and Facebook have merged, which allows for cross-posting of the same visual media and caption to reach a larger audience. Social media can produce massive growth when the tools and features are utilized effectively to benefit your practice.


Each social media platform targets a different audience, and when you utilize all of them, your practice will be able to create a more comprehensive demographic range. Taking a social approach using visual aids as a guide will assist and allowing individuals to identify with that image; therefore, the service you offer will be more memorable. Growth99 has the experience and knowledge to market this strategy effectively to promote and grow your MedSpa. Regardless of the need for content, website design, or social media strategies, Growth99 can implement all the goals and visions you have for your practice. 

Growth99 possesses strategy base techniques with proven results to create the website, design, and following that you require for your continuing growth and success. Our society in business has taken a technology approach, and once we embrace that, we will benefit from all the rewards that come with this innovative tool.

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