How to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Business With Online Marketing

Growing your plastic surgery business can be a challenge with so much competition drawing in this day and age. There are a lot of very strategic ways that you can scale your business with digital marketing and it’s extremely important that you now educate yourself on how to take advantage of every platform in the market today and coming up on the horizon. At this point in time, you are very familiar with Google, Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and a new app coming up currently called Clubhouse. Although you are familiar with the platforms it’s going to become extremely important to know how to leverage them as a toolset for your business versus what we call at Growth99 a “toy”. If you are currently not taking the time to educate yourself on how to use these platforms to increase brand awareness, Impressions, and clicks to potential leads, bookings, clients, and raving fans you’re going to fall farther behind. Traditional business is rapidly changing especially after the pandemic that has occurred in 2020. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high including consumer behavior education. Consumers can quickly with a couple of clicks of the button find their competition online through social media, Google, Google My Business, Explorer reputation results, and quickly book appointments leaving you in the dust.  We would strongly recommend that you take the time to carve out one hour per day to self educate how to leverage these platforms and think of them as online tools to help grow your business. You can find some resources by simply conducting searches on YouTube, hiring a young staff member that is familiar with these platforms, or seeking a digital marketing firm that specializes in marketing for your specific vertical. We would not suggest you just hire any specific digital marketing firm whether they are local or not. We find it extremely valuable to partner with somebody that understands the content and nature of how to market a Plastic Surgery Medical Business. This is not an area we would suggest stepping in with one foot and testing the process. It’s something that you need to commit to and see long-term as now over 90% of consumers are going to the internet to seek services outside of a referral. If you are looking to grow your Plastic Surgery Business, MedSpa, Medical Practice, Cosmetics business, or Aesthetics business-practice you need to be marketing online. Make sure you are on every single platform and understand those platforms on how to get to your potential audience to increase revenues.

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