Two Simple Hacks On How To Grow Your Social Media With Your Dermatology Practice

Young cosmetologist is taking a picture of her client to share result with others in social media.

With social media, users can utilize readily accessible means to foster user-generated content, encourage social collaboration, and widen interpersonal connections. Moreover, social media has landed a place in medicine and gives way for fresh challenges and opportunities for healthcare professionals. Specifically, in dermatology, social media serves as a platform for educating patients, public outreach, and professional development.

As social media has exploded to be part of our day-to-day lives, its channels can be a low-effort way to stay connected with family and friends, get updated with daily news, find eye-catching promotions on various establishments, and more. However, it can be overwhelming to keep track of how things work, especially when popular hashtags.

When your goal circles around getting patients to look and feel their best, you need to improve your likes and increase your followers. Social media can also be a worthwhile investment if you know how to go about it while using a few tips and tricks. This post will look at the two simple hacks that could help grow your social media influence through your dermatology practice.

How powerful is social media?

The meaning of the term “social media” is broad, and it is constantly evolving. Generally, It refers to applications or websites that allow users to connect, send personal messages, and share information and ideas in real-time, even when they are miles apart.

Over the past few decades, users’ participation in social media has increased drastically. Studies show that 86% of adults between 18 to 29 years are social media users, of which 74% are Facebook users, 60% are Instagram users, and 63% use Snapchat, as these users log in to their respective platforms at least once per day.

In addition, there are over 500 million tweets done each day by over 250 million Twitter users, and on Youtube, users view over 5 billion videos. Because of this surge in social media usage, the healthcare field has gained new opportunities and challenges. The variations among different social media channels present distinct challenges that users must take into consideration. Below are the two straightforward hacks for you to consider doing to boost your social media presence:

1.  Focus on your content and magnify what your dermatology practice can offer.

The primary way for potential patients to discover who you are and what you do is through your content. It serves as your virtual voice as you gauge your assets and what your expertise can bring different advantages to your patients. But, mind you, publishing implicit, monotonous, and simply dull content is as dangerous as not posting anything at all. You need to catch your audience’s attention and get them fixated on you for them not to look anywhere else.

You can always create fresh, on-trend, and evergreen content to enhance the overall range that you post on social media. Focus on posting content that would magnetize followers towards you and the type that would make them stick with you all the way. Repurposing your content is also an excellent thing to do, wherein you may pick a video from your website and take the gist of it to create a concise yet meaningful post on social media. Carrying a consistent message is not a bad thing at all. You only need to use the right approach and engaging content to catch your audience’s attention.

Moreover, you may also opt to build a content calendar to organize your posts and graphics by scheduling which content goes out on a specific date. That way, you can be sure you won’t miss updating your page with relevant content and with proper timing. Aligning your posts to compliment the past ones will strengthen your message by showing consistency in your expertise.

2.  The use of GIFs and Meme marketing in social media platforms.

Meme marketing translates into excellent social media fodder simply because memes are great at enhancing brand engagement. Meme marketing helps drive more page engagement, improve branding, and build a community of fun-loving audiences. In the same way, GIFs are popular with marketers because, like memes, they are excellent tools for getting people to engage. They are a hook that makes something stand out and overcomes people’s resistance.

Using memes and GIFs can be incredibly effective as they are both valuable and humorous marketing tools. They hold power to virtually bond with your audience when you use them appropriately. Adding some humor and humanity to your brand might do your practice well in the long run.

Furthermore, adding GIFs and memes will add some visual effect to your content that will impress a personal feel to your viewers. The graphics that you choose may range from anything decently funny or informative while owning the momentum of giving a positive feeling to your potential patients. One more advantage to utilizing GIFs or memes is that they are sharable across many other social media platforms. The more you share great graphics with clear messages to your target market, the better your chances of growing your dermatology practice and reaching a wider audience.

Our takeaway

How social media pretty much dominated our everyday lives turned out to be an excellent opportunity for digital marketers to catch the consumers’ attention and lead them to patronize a particular enterprise or company. As you’re aiming to expand your dermatology practice, it is now your chance to fortify your online presence and make yourself known to the world!

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