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How to Set Up a Drip Marketing Campaign for My Medical Spa

Drip stands for differentiating, reinforce, inform, and persuade. It is a marketing theory often used when your business is launching a new service or if you want to reposition yourself in the market. A drip marketing campaign enforces the theory of drip as you create a series of marketing materials that are strategically made to help you achieve your goals. Although it typically involves emails, it may include other types of content creation. 

If you are lost about where to begin, keep your eyes peeled. Here are the 6 steps on how to set up a drip marketing campaign for your medical spa. 

Figure Out the Goal.

For every marketing campaign, you should begin with a specific goal in mind. Focusing on that goal prevents you from being all over the place with your marketing efforts. Know that every piece of marketing copy is a puzzle piece to a cohesive whole. Once everything is laid out, the bigger picture leads to the fulfillment of the goal.

For your medical spa, you can set the goal of introducing a new treatment you have to the market. Your goal can be as straightforward as increasing the number of bookings your medspa will get. Whatever your goal is, make sure that it’s clear, decisive, and aligned with the overall goal of your business—maximizing profit.

Compose Emails That Present Value

Emails are the most effective instruments of a drip marketing campaign. Think of it as sending a few more ad copies to interested individuals. You’ll bet it wouldn’t take too much for them to eventually become your clients. This is why how you create your emails would matter.

Think of marketing as something similar to asking someone out. Once you set your eyes on a person you like, you don’t just say, “Let’s get married.” That’s simple off-putting and counterproductive. It won’t work. Instead, you need to build rapport and solidify the relationship. The same goes for your emails.

What’s in your email matters the most. You don’t just sell your services outright. You need to create a sense of need. Your marketing materials should persuade viewers by presenting either a common need or a pain point people failed to notice. You should position your business as a solution to such a pressing need. 

Set the Timing and Frequency.

Timing is everything. Your marketing material should be sent at prime time. You should take note of what time your subscribers are usually online. Paying attention to the differences in time zones is also crucial. You want to get the timing right if you want optimal exposure for your drip campaigns.

Setting the frequency of your emails too often can lead the people in your email list to hit the unsubscribe button. On the other hand, sending the next follow up email too late can leave your subscriber out cold—losing the sense of urgency and eventually forget about needing your services. Try to find the right tempo for your email campaigns. 

Segment Your Campaigns.

To ensure the highest efficiency, your campaign efforts should align with the circumstances of your audience. The only way you can customize your content is by segmenting your leads or newsletter subscribers. Lead segmentation is a vital component of every drip marketing campaign. You can segment recipients according to what services they have received from your medical spa. You can also segregate old clients from new clients. Your approaches are different from each group. Some may require promotion blasts while some may need after-care support.

Let Numbers Do the Talking.

Checking analytics and email metrics will validate where you are doing things right or not. You can check the open rate to see if your subscribers are even opening the emails you send them. If the said rate doesn’t look good, it could mean that you are sending emails to the wrong email or your subject lines don’t spark interest. The click through ratio indicates whether people actually click the links embedded in your emails. 

Comprehend and Adapt.

There are more metrics for you to see and analyze. The bottom line here is that you need to understand the implications of these numbers. Your comprehension will help you modify your strategies if necessary. You can also compare your performance. The changes in numbers can help you see how you fare from one campaign to another. Your future marketing efforts will depend on historical results.

The thought process behind every drip marketing campaign is an arduous affair. Then again, it’s a burden you don’t have to shoulder alone. By leaving such things to Growth99’s marketing experts, you are partnering with a team that delivers results. You’re not even alienated from the process. Instead, you would have kept tabs on how the campaign is going. You still have the final say on the marketing direction. But with collaboration, you can have a group of dedicated individuals who will automate the whole process for you.

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