Is it Time For Your Practice To Embrace SMS Marketing? 3 Ways SMS Marketing Helps Your Business Scale

Have you thought about how SMS marketing can help your business scale up? SMS marketing in today’s world is viral because of how it can transform your business in many ways. If you ever doubted SMS marketing, it may be because you are unsure of when and where to start. But these factors are only a part of the success method that most business owners go through. 

With us here at Growth99, you can utilize SMS marketing to scale your business while engaging with current and potential clients. Read more information about it here.

SMS Marketing

Text message (SMS) marketing is digital marketing that conveys promotions, offers, coupons, confirmations, news, and other pertinent company information to your clients via SMS on their mobile devices.

Historically, organizations have sent their audience two sorts of SMS messages: promotional and transactional. However, there is another type: conversational.

Promotion text messages

Promotion text messages are the most common approach within SMS marketing as they aim to deliver promotional information like specials and discounts. To announce a flash sale, coupon, or other updates would be considered this form of SMS marketing.

Conversational marketing text messages

These text messages, also known as one-to-one texts, establish relationships with clients by addressing their worries and queries regarding offered products or the purchasing procedure. They may also allow clients an easy way to contact you and tell you how well a new regimen is going or if another treatment can better benefit their skincare routine. 

Transactional marketing text messages

This type of text message provides customers with transactional information such as order confirmation, shipping notifications, and other relevant information.

How SMS marketing operates

By texting coupons, links, reminders, and updates directly to customers’ mobile devices, businesses may instantly supply them with discounts, reminders, and updates. And because practically everyone now has a mobile phone, the potential reach is enormous. But how does SMS marketing work?

First, businesses must locate SMS marketing software to send bulk texts to individuals. After acquiring an SMS marketing platform, companies collect the phone numbers of clients who have consented to receive marketing messages. Once clients give their consent, enterprises are free to deliver SMS messages. Partnering with Growth99 gives you access to our proprietary CRM to automate your SMS marketing and nurture your leads. 

3 SMS Marketing Strategies to 

Accelerate Your Business

What comes to mind when you think of your growth? Perhaps a more significant marketing budget, more team members, a larger office, or the introduction of new products.

All of them are advantageous while attempting to expand a business. However, there is much more to scaling your eCommerce business, and SMS marketing is one way to help with the process.

SMS marketing is an ideal strategy to use in conjunction with other marketing methods. However, there are strategies you can do immediately to enhance your SMS marketing efforts. Here’s what it can do for you.

  1. High Rate of Conversion

SMS has a high rate of conversion. Text messages receive the highest response rate from mobile users compared to all other marketing channels. SMS texts have an average response rate of 45%, whereas email has an average response rate of only 8%. 

SMS conversion rates are excellent because marketing messages are more straightforward. Text messages are brief, do not contain many links, and do not contain a large number of images. The call to action is precise and direct.

2. Customization & Personalization

Text messages are a more intimate way of communication than other methods. Since your marketing communications are delivered straight to your consumers’ inboxes, you can utilize informal, friendly language. 

Instead of using conventional marketing and sales jargon, treat this kind of communication as if you were speaking to a friend. This allows you to establish a connection with the customer. You may also add a personal touch to your messages by customizing them.

3. Instant deliverability

Even those who don’t have a smartphone can send and receive SMS messages, which is an additional benefit of SMS marketing. SMS marketing is one of the most accessible and efficient methods for immediately sending promotional messages to consumers.

Text messages are typically delivered within seconds. The majority of mobile carriers transmit SMS messages in less than 10 seconds. Companies may send time-sensitive messages immediately. 

The high degree of SMS deliverability makes SMS marketing a sensible investment for firms that struggle to improve email deliverability.

Here’s our tip:

It’s always about quality over quantity. SMS marketing is a well-known marketing strategy, yet businesses rarely employ it. It is an efficient way to reach potential clients on short notice. But it also provides a high level of involvement and the capacity to develop relationships.

It is crucial to realize that not every buyer will respond to your campaigns. However, you may persuade them to join your brand with the proper time, frequency, and messaging.

Beginning SMS marketing immediately will put you ahead of the curve and allow you to collect data for future testing initiatives.

Scale your business with Growth99

SMS marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy and can be rewarding. It’s all about how you see things in your business moving forward in the industry. Working with experts in the field is one of the best ways to kickstart everything. 

And since you’re here, Growth99 can help. We have a team that is not only experts in SMS marketing but other related fields. That means we have the team and the resources to help you scale your practice.

Our business is always open. Contact us at any time! Partner with Growth99 to see results!


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