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Is Your Website For Dental Clinic Built To Convert Patients?


If you’re a dentist or dental clinic owner, you know how important it is to have a website that can attract new patients. You’ve probably heard about the importance of SEO and social media marketing, but those are just two parts of the puzzle. Even if your website ranks highly on Google and gets tons of visits from Facebook and Twitter, those visitors still need to turn into leads and eventually become paying customers. To do this successfully, you need a beautiful but user-friendly website – one that’s built around proven conversion principles like:

A Great Website Attracts Patients

Why Is A Website Important?

A website is important because it’s the first thing your potential patients will see. If you have a decent website, they can find out about your services, read reviews and learn more about you and your team. If it could be better, they will go to one of your competitors instead!

Your Website Should Be Structured

The first step to creating a dental website that will convert patients is making sure your website is straightforward, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. Your site should be responsive and load quickly, so visitors can get in and out easily without waiting for pages to load.

Your dentist’s website should also have a clear call-to-action (CTA) button that leads users through the conversion process. A CTA button prompts someone who has just visited your site for information about scheduling an appointment or getting more information on something specific, like crowns or veneers. It could also be a form where users can request more information from you via email, text message, or social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

Content Is King

Content is king. The words and images on your website are the most important part of your website because they’re what customers see when they visit. Good content on your site will help you achieve your goals and give you a better chance at converting visitors into paying customers. You need to have a blog on every dental clinic website—and make sure it is regularly updated with new content!

Get A FREE dental web design quote Today!

If your practice is not using a dental website, it’s time to consider getting one. Getting a dental web design quote from us is the first step in building an effective online presence for your practice. We can help you build a powerful dental website that attracts new patients and helps generate more revenue for your business.

We’re experts at creating beautiful and user-friendly websites optimized to drive traffic to your practice while converting visitors into paying customers. Our dental web designers will work with you every step of the way – from choosing a design theme that matches your brand identity to selecting appropriate fonts and colors based on industry trends to ensure that all content is written in plain language so it’s easy for anyone who reads English (for example non-native speakers) to understand what they’re reading on each page within seconds!

We have clients who attract as many as 15 new patients every single week from their website. That’s more than 600 new patients a year.

If you’re wondering how to attract more patients, the answer is… a great website.

Your website should be structured and easy to navigate, with relevant, interesting, and engaging content. Our clients attract as many as 15 new patients every week from their website. That’s more than 600 new patients a year! And it can happen for your dental clinic too.

If you’ve got more than one dental practice location in town or want one for each of your specialties (e.g., cosmetic dentistry & orthodontics), having multiple websites will help you reach more people who need what you do best. You’ll also want an online landing page where visitors can get info about the different services offered at your various locations – this way, they don’t have to go searching around on Google trying to find them all!


We’re not saying you should have 600 new patients after a year. But we are saying that if your website isn’t converting patients now, it could be because it needs some work. Your dental website is the number one way to attract new patients, so make sure you give it the care and attention it needs.

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