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Mass Email + Mass SMS combined Is A Powerhouse To Book More Appointments At Your Medical Spa.

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, and it’s still effective at generating leads and getting more customers. SMS messages may seem like the new kids on the block, but they’re also proven to get consumers’ attention. Both email campaigns and text message marketing have their pros and cons for promoting medical spa business opportunities or appointments at your practice. However, when you combine email marketing with text message marketing, you unleash a powerhouse that can increase revenue at your medical spa.

An email has been around for a while.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience and build relationships. It’s also a great way to increase sales. The best part? You can do it all while sitting in front of your computer on a Saturday night.

Email marketing works because it allows you to target specific groups of people so that when they open up their inboxes, they see something interesting right away. This technique is called “segmentation,” It allows you to tailor messages based on things like location or income level. 

SMS text messages are the new kids on the block.

SMS text messaging is the new kid on the block. It works better than email, it’s cheaper than email, and it’s a great way to reach clients who don’t have phones or emails.

SMS Text messages send your message directly to your client’s cell phone without being blocked by spam filters or even their network provider (like us at Sprint, for example.) They’re also delivered in real-time, as soon as you hit ‘send.’ So there is no long wait for them to receive it like with email; they get it almost immediately. And because they’re not sitting in their inbox waiting for someone else’s appointment reminder either—they’ll see yours right away!

The best part is that this method will cost you pennies per message sent—so go ahead and get creative with all those creative ideas you’ve been saving up!

Both have pros and cons when it comes to marketing.

Both email and SMS have pros and cons. When it comes to marketing, the advantages of email can be seen in its higher open rate and lower cost compared to text messaging. It’s also more targeted since it’s personalized for each recipient. Email can be tracked, while text messages are impossible to track by design.

When you combine them, they’re a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed!

Texting is the most popular form of communication, with over 70% of the population using text messages. 90% of adults check their phones at least once per hour! This makes it an excellent tool for reaching your target audience.

When you combine text with email marketing – it’s double the reach, double the efficiency, and more importantly – you don’t have to worry about any phone numbers being wrong or out-of-date. They are automatically updated in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system!

When you combine email and text message marketing, your medical spa business benefits in many ways.

You can use email or SMS text messages as a standalone marketing tactic, but you get the best of both worlds when you combine them. The email has been around longer and has a larger audience than SMS text messages, but SMS text messages are the new kid on the block.

Both email and SMS text message marketing have pros and cons for marketing for your medical spa business. Here are some advantages of combining these two methods:

  • The combined method is more effective than using either one alone because it allows you to reach people who may not receive your emails or texts even though they’re signed up for your mailing list or contact list.
  • You don’t have to worry about whether someone will see your advertisement in their inbox or spam folder—you know they’ll see it! Plus, there’s no risk that they’ll report it as spam if they want nothing to do with what they see in their inboxes every day anyway.* It gives potential clients another way to respond besides calling back right away (which many busy people don’t have time for).

Email and text message marketing have been around for over a decade, but they’re a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed when you combine them.

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