Mass Email + Mass SMS Will Impact Your Net New Bookings For Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

What is a Mass Email or Mass SMS?

In the context of this article, “mass email or mass SMS” refers to a bulk email or text message sent to a large number of people at once. Mass emails and mass SMS are used for marketing and other business purposes.

There are many ways you can use these tools for marketing your medical aesthetics practice. For example, you might send an email newsletter with tips about how women can maintain their skin after cosmetic surgery. Alternatively, if you offer botox injections as part of your aesthetic services, you could include information about how it works in one of your mass emails or mass SMS messages.

You can use mass email or mass SMS for any kind of marketing.

But you can use mass email and mass SMS for much more than just marketing your medical aesthetics practice. For example, suppose you’re looking to expand your business into another location or even another country. In that case, mass email and SMS are excellent ways to let potential new clients know about it.

So how does it work?

First off: You need a list of email addresses (and possibly phone numbers) for people who live near the new location or country where you want to expand. Then all you need is some good copywriting skills and an understanding of what kind of language will convince these potential customers that they should choose your business over others in the area.

The beauty of using mass email and mass SMS is that once someone signs up on your list, they’ll never forget who gave them this incredible opportunity. So when they’re ready to become patients at the new location or in their home country, they’ll likely turn right back around again.

Mass Email and Mass SMS are not spam.

Delivering a mass email or SMS is not spam.

Spam is unwanted electronic communication, which includes emails and texts that are:

  • Unsolicited: Spam is unsolicited, meaning that you didn’t ask for it or give permission for the company to send it to you.
  • Promotional: To be considered promotional, the message must be promoting goods or services. It could also be promoting political views, religious ideology, charitable donations, or other similar items that are not directly related to your business (such as sending an email about how much you like a particular product).

If your email doesn’t fit these criteria, then the chances are that it’s legitimate mass marketing and won’t get flagged as spam by recipients’ ISPs. So long as what you’re sending is relevant content that pertains directly to your industry (not just generic info about medical aesthetics), there shouldn’t be any problems with having an active email list!

How does a mass email or SMS impact your net new bookings for your medical aesthetics practice?

You will see an immediate increase in bookings.

A mass email or SMS automatically gets put into the mass email/SMS database. That means it will be seen by people who weren’t even looking for information about medical aesthetics at that moment, but now they are.

Who should receive a mass email or mass SMS?

It’s important to remember that those who do not subscribe are the people who don’t want to receive your mass email or SMS.

When you’re sending out a mass email or SMS, most of the recipients will likely be interested in what you have to say, and they’ll want to hear from you again. But suppose someone has opted-in to receiving this communication from you, and they don’t unsubscribe. They’re probably very interested in what you have to offer, so make sure you keep them updated on any new developments within your practice!

What should the content of a mass email or mass SMS be?

Your mass email or SMS content should be focused on a call to action. The primary goal of this type of communication is to get people to act, so you must have a clear and compelling message. You can use any number of different strategies here, but the most effective ones include an incentive for the customer to respond.

You should also make sure that your message is relevant to the audience you’re targeting (i.e., medical aesthetics practitioners). People who receive emails need information that they can use right away—and they don’t want it cluttered with sales pitches or irrelevant links. 

How do you send out a mass email or mass SMS?

To send emails or SMS to your patients, you’ll need to work with a service that assists. Many of these companies will provide you with templates you can use to create your message and content. You’ll also want to test the news on all devices since it needs to look good and fit on every screen size and orientation. Make sure you get approval from your client before sending out their information!

Send it at the right time—don’t send emails too early or late in the day, as most people don’t check their emails during lunchtime or after work hours. If possible, try not sending messages at night either—you want them getting into bed feeling happy about what they saw earlier in the day (not upset about a bill). Measure how many clicks each email gets by using different analytics tools like Google Analytics; measure how many new patients came because of those clicks by using an online scheduling tool like Mindbody Online Scheduling (which connects directly with our booking system). If one particular method isn’t working as well as others do after testing several times over several months (or years!), then stop doing whatever’s not working so well anymore.

You will see your net new bookings increase by at least 50% if you do it right.

You will see your net new bookings increase by at least 50% if you do it right.

Many medical practices are struggling. You can use mass email and mass SMS to increase your net new bookings by using the following steps:

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