Medical Aesthetics Marketing Done Right (3 Key Takeaways)

Establishing advanced and innovative digital marketing strategies for Medical Aesthetic practices can be intimidating and frequently confusing. It might seem like there are endless marketing and advertising channel options available out there, and navigating these waters can seem complicated. Moreover, the innate pressure is always there wherein the last thing you want to end up doing is to make a wrong decision and spend money, time, and other valuable resources, only to find out that the tactic you chose was ineffective at growing your practice.

Here’s a significant factor you need to understand if you want to run a successful medical aesthetics marketing; your patients almost always have a goal in mind. For instance, they desire to achieve that lit-from-within and effortlessly beautiful skin. To make it in the medical aesthetics industry, you need to invest tons of effort and hard work with your marketing strategy for aesthetic practices, as the competition gets even more fierce. 

But, setting yourself apart from the competition and building trust and credibility with your audience online seem daunting. How do you show potential patients who don’t know you yet that you’re the real deal? Why should they pick you over anyone else? In this marketing guide, we’ll show you the best-proven practices for medical aesthetics marketing and the three key takeaways you can also use to build your practice’s brand online.

Medical Aesthetics marketing in a nutshell

The medical spa industry is highly competitive, and it is more so as the years go by. Over the past years, the medical aesthetic procedures performed worldwide have increased in number significantly. It is not surprising that so many aestheticians pivot their business models to keep up with the latest business trends and not fall behind the race. So, what does successful medical aesthetics marketing truly look like?

You guessed right – setting yourself apart from the pool of competitors around while also keeping yourself appealing to the next generation of prospective patients. A robust digital presence and stellar branding are vital to reaching a viable and satisfactory market audience. And how, you might ask, do you start building a solid online presence for your aesthetic practice? Below are the three best practices that compose a successful digital medical aesthetics marketing:

1. Invest in Social Media

Social media is an essential part of digital marketing for aesthetic practices, and it will help you share content while reaching your ideal patient base effectively. Social media marketing for medical aesthetics is a massive contributor to driving traffic to your website and search engine optimization (SEO). Not only will it help your business reach a broad audience, but you can also use social media as a critical lead generation tool. Utilize the analytics tools that social media platforms provide to track your efforts and modify your strategies to achieve the best results.

Instagram analytics can give you information about the exact times of the day your followers are most active. That is a colossal advantage for choosing the best timing when to post or share your content to ensure the highest level of visibility. Although not all social media platforms are uniform, in the same way, each social media marketing platform varies and is created for a specific audience.

Take the time to study and evaluate the social media approach that is the best fit for your medical aesthetics marketing based on the target audience and the current demand in the market.

2. Develop a local SEO strategy

SEO is a critical aspect of medical aesthetics marketing. Simply because the marketing world revolves around the universal connector or the internet, and SEO is all about relating how the internet works that can benefit your website.

Also, medical aesthetics marketing has gone local. This means you need to invest time, effort, and energy into ranking your website within a 15-20 mile radius of where your medical spa is located. A primary factor to consider if you want to rank high locally is you need a well-developed website for your practice.

Another crucial digital marketing tip for local SEO is ensuring you have individual pages if you have branches in various locations. If your medical aesthetic practice has multiple locations, it is best to develop a landing page for each dedicated site where your medspa or clinic is erect.

3. Leverage content marketing

Medical aesthetics marketing relies on robust healthcare content, filled with information that users can significantly benefit from. Furthermore, content marketing drives website traffic, improves brand awareness, grows organic search, and positions you as an expert or an established leader in your specialty.

A well-structured, informational blog filled with legit and well-researched information can generate up to 50% of a website’s organic traffic. It is also best to leverage data at the center of your content marketing strategies, for they can contribute well to building your online presence.

Important information such as keyword volume, backlinks, and keyword ranking may help you ensure the blogs you publish on your website talk about topics most people are searching for. Make sure you write a more detailed post that is already ranking well.

Finally, remember that blog posts are not the only ones you can create when it comes to content marketing for your aesthetic practice. There are other types of engaging content, such as videos, social media posts, landing pages, etc., that you can develop to attract more patients your way.

Are you ready to take the next step for your digital strategy?

Elevating your digital marketing strategy is the way to ensure success in marketing your aesthetic practice in this current generation. As the competition is fierce, getting ahead to outrun your competitors is both a wise and bold thing to do. Growth99 specializes in establishing robust digital marketing strategies primarily in medical aesthetics. Take the next step in upping the ante and book a free consultation to explore endless opportunities that lay ahead for your business. Take a leap of faith and partner with us today!

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