People, Process, Product To Your Medical Practice For Success!


What is this truly mean? People, Process, and Product?

Self-made billionaire Marcus Lemonis puts it best! He breaks down this sequence and adapts any type of business to this process. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a Medical Practice or any sort of business it really boils down to the people, your process, and a product that you were offering.

In any Medical Practice whether it being cosmetic, surgical, or just general medicine. You have an incredible product by default as what you are essentially selling or offering a solution to increase overall performance from a health standpoint or confidence standpoint. So understanding this correctly you really only have to conquer the other 66% of running a very successful business as the product speaks for itself. You really need to create a path of getting your product in front of his many eyeballs as you can to convert them into long-term patients.
There are a tremendous amount of digital marketing strategies that will catapult you to running a very successful business by leveraging online tools searches websites, correct search engine optimization, social media, and an incredible online reputation for your Medical Practice. You can learn more about a lot of this information through our podcast called “Medical Millionaire” found on Spotify and now iTunes.
Where we see a lot of practices fall short in implementing the correct process. We find a lot of very well-educated doctors that forget that they are actually running a business and the purpose of a business is to create profits for its shareholders. If you can understand how to implement the correct process from capturing leads online to the check-in process, the actual service conduction, the checkout process, and keeping in touch with your past clients to generate referrals you will effectively have a very well-established business for longevity. We are huge fans of embracing technology and process automation to really help streamline the entire process of running your practice. What’s nice about leveraging process and Technology automation is it essentially creates a plug-in-play system that systematized is your practice on how to scale and will effectively be much easier with new hires.
It’s also extremely important to make sure you have the correct people that are going to create the correct atmosphere and energy to fulfill the excitement of moving the needle forward to having a very successful business and Medical Practice. We are big fans of finding the correct people and being patient to offer them the correct incentives and understand the long-term objective. If you are in a position where you have people looking for quick wins you need to reevaluate your current situation step outside the practice and look for the correct people to surround for long-term success. Creating an incentive-based environment it’s going to keep everybody on their toes and create a winning experience for the end consumer that will by default put your medical practice on a success path that cannot be challenged.


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