Social Media and Med Spas Go Hand-in-Hand

Before we start, let’s ask you a straightforward question. Since the Med Spa industry is becoming more of a goldmine these days, are you maximizing the power of social media marketing to gain customers and bring in more business? Social media seems to be a worldwide tool for connecting with people, so using it for marketing isn’t bad. It works.

To date, millions of businesses use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to give relevant information, testimonials and offer special deals to win new customers and increase their brand awareness. Moreover, using social media is a low-cost alternative compared to more traditional forms of advertising. And profitable social media campaigns can help create strong bonds between businesses and consumers.

Are you getting eager and excited to get started? Hold your horses. Leveraging social media to your benefit demands a good strategy and time commitment to reach your target audience. We know you have invested valuable time and effort into your business and skills. Moreover, it’s about time to add something more to your knowledge and discover how social media and med spas can become best friends in the business world!

Regular posting of quality content

Whether through social media posts or blog posts, content is the ultimate instrument to interact with existing patients. More so, such content can drive traffic and bring in potential customers to your site. The most significant aspects of your posts should be clarity and consistency.

Create regular content to share on your social media channels through email marketing. Publish new content at least twice a day to increase your brand. Blogs, in particular, are a critical aspect of SEO, and they should contain specific med spa procedures or treatments that you offer. There should be enough information that would be valuable for the reader, not mere fluff or promotion.

The wonders that paid to advertise does

Paid advertising needs to play a role in your med spa social media marketing plan. Pay per click (PPC) advertising has that name since your med spa business only pays after a visitor clicks on your ad and is routed to your website. Hence, paid search can serve as a cost-effective medium.

Make sure you have engaging content and a carefully designed website. That helps keep a curious visitor engaged and encourages that person to explore more of your website and dig deeper into other service pages. Paid online advertising can drive traffic to your med spa website, aid your social media marketing goals, and finally, attract more patients to come your way.

Don’t miss out on Email Marketing.

One leading benefit email marketing offers to medspa businesses is that it is an effective way to reach out to your prospects without much expense on your end. An appropriate email marketing strategy will give you the best of both worlds: qualified leads and organic traffic. You can even send email blasts to inform subscribers of your new offers, products, or services.

It is most suggested for your med spa business to send at least one email per month. You may assign a few of your staff to gather email addresses and manage your email list. Then, you can go on and send out monthly emails to your subscribers. These emails may contain topics such as a monthly special, helpful aesthetic tips, the latest treatments, or telling about your company’s referral programs.

The good thing about email marketing is the opportunity to personalize, in which you have complete control over the messages that you send your recipients. With the right approach and with creative email templates, you can keep everyone connected and engaged. It is a marketing tactic that always proves to show success.

Knowing the different competitors around

One more advantage that social media offers to medspa businesses is the capability to research competitors. Do you want to know the secret to get ahead of the rest and stay that way? Keep an eye on and monitor your competitors’ websites!

This way, you have the chance to observe what they do differently than you so that you can incorporate it into your social media marketing plan. You may get an idea regarding the keywords they use on their websites and social media posts. Pro tip: there’s always more to learn from other pioneers in the industry and, of course, from your competitors themselves.

So long as you’re careful of not being a copycat for all of their ideas and shift them to your website. You aim to have the upper hand in the digital world and improve your med spa services. You can also take it up a notch by publishing personalized or custom-made posts on your different social media channels. 


If you are in the medspa industry, and you’re still not investing in social media marketing, it’s most likely that your rivals already have the upper hand. Or, if you’re facing different business challenges while keeping up with your patients, your team, and all others at once, you’re probably not sowing enough time and attention for your online strategy to be effective. With the help of social media marketing for your med spa, you won’t have to struggle about advertising your business on social media, your website, or your online reviews!

Does all this sound interesting, but you’re not entirely sure how to put the wheels in motion? Growth99 comprises a strong team with expertise in social media marketing to put your medspa at the top of the list! We all know how you are excellent in treating every patient and how you perform procedures are all legit.

The thing is, not everyone knows how good you are, and they must! Drop us a message, and we’ll be happy to speak with you as we work hand in hand in growing your business. Who knows? That might be the leap of faith that you should’ve taken long before as your med spa becomes a cut out of the rest, and you’ll keep winning more patients as you go along.

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