Why Social Media Scheduling is Critical to Your Dental Practice and Why You Should Start Scheduling Today.

As all marketing professionals know, it’s critical to always stay “on top of the game,” and social media is no exception. As the influence of social media continues to rise, beating the fierce competition has become increasingly crucial. Studies show that 79% of internet users use social networking sites, and 59% of these people access social networking sites daily.

Indeed, social media never sleeps, but you do. Hence, putting your life on hold or waking up at the wee hours of the night to post on social media is not practical. One secret that the most successful social media profiles may not share with the public is that they likely use social media scheduling to deliver timely content. While a flawless social media feed looks effortless, it often requires hours of creation and preparation.

Different social media scheduling tools allow you to schedule your posts for your dental practice and upload them while you’re busy attending to your patients or when you’re snug in bed. Almost every medical practice can benefit from scheduling posts for social media in advance. This post will teach us the importance of social media scheduling to your dental practice and why you should never miss out on it.


What is social media scheduling, and which content is best for it?

Social media scheduling is scheduling your posts to go live at a specific date or time on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. All evergreen content can be made and scheduled in advance, even up to a few months. A checklist or tutorial will be helpful even if you decide to post in 90 days.

In theory, your brand could schedule posts a year in advance, but the most time-sensitive content can also be prepared. For example, if your dental practice offers a new service, you may still design and write a post for this particular service ahead of time. If you decide to go in a different direction after you launch this dental service, it will be much easier to edit your existing copy than to create entirely new content.

The same is true for seasonal posts. As your content only gets relevant for a few weeks, you can still create it in advance. Holidays and anniversaries can all be uploaded to your scheduling platform before the actual dates. The exclusive content you can’t schedule in advance is based on real-time events, like current events or breaking news.

Nevertheless, you can work with a social media scheduler to plan accordingly. If your dental practice posts five times a week, you can dedicate at least one day to news updates and block 2-3 hours that day to curate a new post. On your calendar, mark an “idea post” on which days will be for news update posts.


Social media scheduling saves time.

Time management is the primary reason every marketer and business owner should take advantage of scheduling. Sometimes, things come up out of nowhere, so it is essential to be all geared when life throws you a curveball. When you schedule your social media content in advance, you have more time to manage your other responsibilities within your practice and less on logging in to social media to upload a post. On top of that, you get more free time working on existing campaigns, engaging with your clients, and focusing on what your practice needs as a business.


Brand consistency

To grow your social media audience, consistency is the key to achieving it. Giving your followers a reason to keep returning to your page is extremely important when trying to obtain and retain followers. For example, if your dental clinic is offering sales and promotions in a particular season, you might want to consider scheduling your posts to go out on the same day every day.

This will give your audience a reason to check your page repeatedly and interact with your posts. If doing this brings success to your practice, your clients’ algorithms could pick up on your activity, and your content would appear more on their feed.


Manage multiple accounts from one place and post even outside of business hours

With social media scheduling included in your marketing strategy, you can post across all your social media accounts in one place. There’s no need to hop from one account to another as they are all merged and can be managed in a single platform. In addition, social media can be a distraction. Instead of being taken away from your work duties to post, social media scheduling tools can post for you. This prevents you from getting distracted, and you can continue working in your clinic peacefully.

Furthermore, social media scheduling allows you to schedule your posts to upload outside of business hours and even on weekends and holidays. Remember, even though your dental clinic may not be open, social media is on 24/7. And you don’t want your competitors getting ahead of you in terms of consistent posting.



Every social media manager knows the struggle of scrambling to find a well-designed graphic or high-quality picture for a post they must upload in the next hour. On the contrary, most of the guesswork vanishes when posts are scheduled in advance. Scheduling platforms allow multiple users to access a calendar and view/manage their tasks. You and your team can view what you need to work on in real time so you can plan your schedules accordingly and ensure all deliverables are met.

That means even if you don’t have posts written for the next two weeks, you can lay back and still be confident, mainly if you have done enough scheduled posts beforehand. If you need to make some changes at the last minute, you will be able to immediately communicate the change needed to your team.


Schedule like a pro!

Scheduling posts in advance is one of the significant benefits of utilizing a social media management service. At Growth99, social media scheduling is one of the strategies we perform to ensure our clients’ business growth. Connect with our team of digital marketing experts to see how your dental practice can benefit from all of our services!

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