Why Is Social Media So Important To Connecting With Your Plastic Surgery Practice?

You can only go anywhere these days if you see some social media. From your friends’ profiles on Facebook to the latest viral video on YouTube, we’re constantly connected through social media in one way or another. Studies show that almost 50% of people log onto their favorite social networks daily.

So what does this have to do with your plastic surgery practice? 

If you need to pay attention to how people connect online, you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow your business and connect with new patients.

Importance of Social Media to Plastic Surgery Practice

If you’ve ever had a plastic surgery procedure, then you know it’s not a quick fix. It takes time and patience. You must rest and recover before returning to work or your regular activities. 

When people come into your office for consultations, they’re probably looking for information about what will happen during their recovery process and what kind of downtime they can expect after their procedure. Social media is a perfect outlet for this type of communication.

It also allows you to share positive stories about patients who have undergone procedures with you. When potential patients see how happy other people are because they had plastic surgery from your practice, this creates trust between them and yourself, making them more likely to book an appointment with you.

The main goal of social media is to connect with others and share.

Social media is a tool that allows you to connect with others and share your experiences, opinions and ideas. When it comes to your plastic surgery practice, social media will enable you to communicate with potential patients while also giving them an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes at your practice.

Social media allows your plastic surgery practice to build rapport.

It’s been said that we’re all connected by six degrees of separation. But if you’re a plastic surgeon, it might be even more accessible to communicate with your patients than that.

Social media allows you to build rapport with your patients and share content relevant to their experience in the operating room and the larger medical community at large—without having to leave home.

Your patients can help others by sharing their experiences on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool for your patients to help each other out, and they can do this in several ways:

  • They can share their stories.
  • They can share advice.
  • They can share experiences (both good and bad).
  • They can even share their recovery experiences.

Social media allows you to promote your practice without being pushy.

Social media is a great way to promote your plastic surgery practice without being pushy. It allows you to post content and engage with people in ways that don’t feel like you’re selling something. You can use social media as an advertising platform and a tool for customer service and communication with current patients, prospective patients, and even other businesses looking for the best plastic surgeon in town.

Social media helps your practice stay top of mind for patients.

Social media is the perfect tool for keeping your practice top of your mind.

You can share information about your practice and your team so that patients always know where to find you when they need you. You can also post news about new procedures, products and services you’re offering or if there have been any changes to staff or office hours. It’s great for helping people feel like they are part of something big.

Staying connected to your patients through social media can help grow your plastic surgery practice.

Social media is a great way to connect with your patients, promote your practice and stay on top of mind. It’s also a great way to build rapport with potential patients.

Plastic surgery can be intimidating for some people who may need to become more familiar with all the procedures and options available. Open dialogue about their concerns is essential in helping them feel comfortable with their decisions.

The People to Reach in Social Media with Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Social media is a great tool for reaching potential patients and building your brand. But what if you need help figuring out where to start? We’ll show you how to find the people that matter most in your industry and give tips on reaching them.

Current patients

You’re probably already familiar with the importance of marketing to prospective patients. After all, it’s a proven method for growing your practice. But did you know that current patients are also an important group? 

They are some of your most important leads because they have already experienced your service and are likely to recommend you to others. They also tend to remain loyal, making repeat visits more likely than with new clients—and since plastic surgery is not exactly cheap, this is definitely something worth investing in.

Prospective patients

Your prospective patients are the most important group to reach on social media. These are people who are considering your practice and therefore need to be convinced that you can provide the best care for them. They may also be looking for information or referrals that they can’t get elsewhere, so you want to make sure they see your posts.

It’s essential not only that these patients see your posts but also that they engage with them as well — this means liking and commenting on them, sharing them with their friends, etc. If a prospective patient does this, it shows engagement with what you have said about yourself (and thus trustworthiness). 

If a prospective patient doesn’t engage at all or if he or she unfollows after seeing several of your posts without engaging once, this could indicate a lack of interest in following through with plastic surgery treatment from you after all.


If you’re a plastic surgery professional, chances are you’ve got colleagues in the industry who are just as passionate about their work. Not only is it a great way to share information with other doctors, but it can also help educate them and give them helpful tips on how to perform procedures. 

In addition, having a support system from other professionals makes it easier for you to network with other businesses and brands that can help you in your practice.

Media reviewers

Media reviewers can be either positive or negative. They can be local, national, or global. They are important to reach because they can help you get more patients. If your practice has a great review on Yelp and one bad one that shows up first, many people will assume it’s the whole story and not read any further reviews. 

You want all of your reviews to be positive so that people will see your practice as trustworthy before even visiting it in person.

Partnerships for your practice

In addition to social media, there are other ways to reach people and grow your practice. Your plastic surgery practice can partner with other businesses, like local restaurants and healthcare providers. You can also partner with other plastic surgery practices in the area, as well as non-profit organizations.

After all, part of what makes social media so powerful is that you can use it to form real relationships with people who have similar interests or goals. When people feel like they know and trust you, they’re more likely to want to buy from you.


Social media is an important way to reach out to patients, but it’s not the only way. It’s always good to keep in mind the people who may not be on Facebook or Twitter so that your practice will also have other ways of reaching them.

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