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Social Media Tips For Medical Aesthetics Startups

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Your medical aesthetics practice relies heavily on social media promotion, but your efforts are less effective without a strategy in place. Adjusting your social media marketing strategy is crucial. Promoting your business can be done without being seen as “fake,” but there is an appropriate and inappropriate way to go about it.

Here are tips on improving your marketing for medical aesthetic startups and experienced ones.

1. Commit To One Or Two Platforms At A Time

Your time is your most precious commodity as a professional, so spread your efforts across multiple channels before committing to just one of them. You should focus on two platforms and get good at them before adding more. 

Since the demographics of each social media site are unique, you must select areas that are highly relevant to your intended audience. The Pew Research Center provides data about each social media platform that is updated every year, you can read the 2022 fact sheet here. Since Facebook and Instagram are the most popular sites among med spa customers, we will concentrate on those two here.

Second, take advantage of time-saving scheduling software. These tools allow you to consolidate your efforts across multiple channels and facilitate simultaneous collaboration, publication, and analytics monitoring.

2. Be Authentic

As one positive development, social media has become a great place to showcase beauty advertisements that aim to normalize diversity in terms of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and body type. On the flip side, it can lessen the likelihood of adverse outcomes during medical treatments, heighten patients’ expectations of what the process would be like, and put a more emotional and mental strain on them to attain their ideal outcomes.

If you mention recovery time or the number of sessions needed to reach your goals, at least be forthright about those things. Your practice’s credibility is at stake, so don’t risk it by making a promise you can’t keep.

Being aware of what you are posting and the message that will be received by different viewers is especially important in social media marketing due to the polarizing character of some recent news stories. One can avoid making a social media faux pas by planning and checking everything out. Before publishing, try to gather feedback from more than one person on your intended postings.

Contact Growth99 if you need help with marketing but a dedicated in-house staff.

3. Provider Customer Value And Engage With Them

Consumers, both current and potential, are continually inundated with information. The only way to get people interested in your offer is to show them how they can benefit. To do this, you should highlight the instant gratification patients will experience after scheduling an appointment at your clinic, such as cost savings, improved self-care, and a more youthful and confident appearance. People actively seek relief while they are going through difficult situations. Let them see how it’s done.

Your customers’ needs are also likely to evolve due to the changes occurring around you. You can always ask about those demands and how you might best fulfill them. Using customer surveys as a means for brands to remain in tune with their target audience’s values has emerged as one of the most effective marketing strategies of the previous year. Asking questions and maintaining communication can go a long way in retaining customers.

4. Consistently Post With Your Unique Style

Maintaining a unified voice, visual identity, and tone across all of your channels will assist users in knowing what to expect from you and strengthen your brand’s reputation.

When it comes to how often you should share content on social media, the answer varies from platform to platform. Facebook posts should be made several times per week, Instagram posts should be made daily, Twitter posts should be made several times per day, and LinkedIn posts should be made once weekly. 

However, keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate based on expert opinion and previous research. If you want to know if you should increase or decrease the number of times your posts are shared, keep a spreadsheet of how often they are shared and review it after a few weeks.

5. Provide Valuable Content

People often turn to online forums and social media to discuss and research medical practices and treatments. You are the perfect person to provide them with that information because you are an expert in medical aesthetics. Include links to longer-form content so they can learn more about your company and what you offer, in addition to short promotional postings on new services, products, or other developments.

That in-depth writing on your blog helps drive traffic to your leading site. Specifically, Facebook is an excellent platform on which to disseminate such material. Instagram is, too; however, links in captions aren’t clickable, so shorten them or post them in your profile and refer to them there.

6. Be Open

In a recent post, we discussed how to reassure former patients who are hesitant to return to your medical aesthetics business after an absence. Everyone’s health and safety should be your top priority, so don’t put it off. Use your social media to let people know what you’re doing to make your practice safe for new and returning customers, and use facts to combat the fears they might have heard. Also, be available to address any concerns or inquiries your consumers may have.

7. Be Flexible

A social media campaign is successful when it adapts to the current market. The measures you took before may no longer be effective. It’s essential to be flexible if you’ve already set a particular social media plan for your company; be open to revisions, additions, or even starting over.

Final Tip: Get A Partner

Putting together a social media strategy that looks beautiful, increases brand awareness, and leads to sales is more complicated. Get help from a professional who can maximize the return on your investment in an online presence, particularly in times of political or economic uncertainty, when careful management is called for.

Growth99 does much more than supply cutting-edge medical aesthetic technology. Business services geared toward providing, promoting, and expanding your clinic are also part of our commitment to the partners who utilize our products. Check out our resources and packages page for more information. Feel free to contact us anytime! 

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