3 Tricks to Collect Google Reviews for Your Cosmetic Practice

As a cosmetic practitioner, you must know by now that what your customers have to say about your company and practice has a lot more weight and bearing than what you have to say about your business. No matter how experienced you are in your expertise or how simple your message may be, this fact […]

Grow Your Following with Social Media Strategies in Your Aesthetics Practice

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and it can produce massive benefits for aesthetic practices to expand and attract new patients. Although, this kind of potential comes with pressure. Social media experts spend a significant amount of time planning, posting, and analyzing results, but you and the people that work for you might not […]

The Power Of Marketing Coolsculpting at your Medical Practice

Many plastic surgery practices find themselves in a difficult position regarding Coolsculpting marketing. Without an effective and dedicated plan, they can sink vast amounts of time and money into obtaining the latest technologies while missing out on crucial opportunities for growth that are available today with new technology-based tools such as social media websites or […]

Why Running Your Aesthetics Practice Like a Business Is The Only Way

Many professionals in the beauty industry are running their aesthetics practice like a hobby rather than a business. It is understandable to some extent, given that it can be challenging to juggle administrative tasks while also providing an excellent customer service experience. Unfortunately, this behavior will ultimately fail in your aesthetics practice. Here are four […]

Hiring a Medical Spa Agency: A Way To Reserve Your Specialization in the Industry

Agencies help you market and manage your business in all aspects. Whether you need assistance in creating a more significant business or finding strategies, Medical Spa Agency got you. Over many years, several organizations have catered services that helped many companies.  So, if you’re a business owner who needs help managing a company, this is […]

3 Ways To Make Effective Ads For Coolsculpting With Your Medical Spa

Are you looking for three ways to make effective ads for CoolSculpting with your medical spa? If so, this blog post is perfect for you. There are three different ways to use advertising and marketing techniques to help your business attract more customers. You’ll learn how to create a powerful ad campaign, how to target […]