How To Outrank Your Competition With Great SEO For Your Medical Spa

If you manage a medspa, you are well aware that there is a great deal of competition in the health and beauty industry. Everything you can do to get an advantage in attracting new customers is beneficial. According to an experienced SEO consultant, increasing the rating of your website on Google is one of the […]

Why Growth99 Is Leading The Way With Medical Aesthetics Marketing

Planning is the primary step for a successful medical aesthetics marketing strategy to materialize. One should ask themselves: what results am I trying to achieve? Why should my clients choose me over my competitors? Who is my target audience? Answering these questions and more will help you lay out your strategy, measure your success, and […]

Three Reasons a Great Call-To-Action is Important for Your Medical Spa Website

Having a great call-to-action, or CTA, to your medical spa website is a real opportunity to motivate your visitors to take the next step forward into becoming a client. CTA is a powerful digital marketing tool that can tip the scale between a prospect converting or slipping away. Some arguably believe that a website’s call-to-action […]

3 Content Hacks For Your Website To Generate Great SEO For Your Medical Spa Website

If you’re wondering how to Generate Great SEO For Your Medical Spa Website, this is the place to start. Here are some great ways to get your medical spa known worldwide. 1. Make sure your content is valuable and authoritative.  There is no substitute for high-quality, authoritative content for SEO marketing. When you write high-quality […]

Two Straightforward Hacks To Drive More Leads To Your Medical Aesthetics Website

Here’s the thing: designing a website that keeps driving more leads is easier said than done. Today, many medical aesthetics practices have not fully discovered how to successfully create a website that can win sales left and right. Instead of perceiving a website as a mere placeholder, there is more to it since it can […]

Three Ways to Book Clients Online to Your Medical Spa with Digital Tools

Most of the country’s top medical spas have done excellently in utilizing tools to automate their processes to provide the best customer experience. If you step into a prospective patient’s mind seeking mainstream medical spa services, it all starts with an online search. These days, where people tend to turn to Google, social media, and […]

Your Prosperity Is Built On Healthy Daily Habits

Have you ever met somebody who has never hoped to achieve financial freedom in their life? Indeed, not everybody wants to get rich for many reasons, yet being able to live comfortably and with enough means isn’t so bad at all! Financial freedom generally means having enough funds to afford a suitable lifestyle while still […]