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Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Work Like Hell, and Fertilize!

Young Fit Woman Opens Curtains of Bedroom Window | Growth99 | Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO in USA

It has long been proven that people who wake up early are often more successful (especially in business) than those who sleep in. We can also see how the farmers rise early to cultivate and harvest their crops. There is something about getting to bed early and waking before sunrise that seems practical. Furthermore, it […]

Why Running Your Practice Like A Business Is Key To A Simple Life

Employees Working in the Office Discussing Documents and Ideas at Meeting | Growth99 | Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO in USA

MarkeThe aesthetics industry is booming, and it is expected to continue growing at the rate of 10% every year. For this reason, setting up and running your aesthetics clinic seems more tempting than ever before. For anyone who can relate to this feeling, it is essential to understand that the change in working as a […]

Three Reasons Why Social Media Is Important To Your Medical Aesthetics Brand

Business People Watching a Live Streaming | Growth99 | Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO in USA

In this digital age, every person that owns a smartphone has at least one social media app they use and check daily. Likewise, businesses use social media to prominently market their products and services and connect with their target market. One particular industry that has benefitted the most from social media marketing is medical aesthetics. […]

Three Key Ways to Grow Your Medical Spa with Great SEO Exposure

Double Exposure of SEO Icon With Man Working on Computer | Growth99 | Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO in USA

Each month, hundreds of thousands of local searches for medical spa services in the United States. And this pace is not slowing down anytime soon. How the medical spa industry has thrived was unprecedented to some, and yet, more and more people today seek the various beauty solutions the medical aesthetics industry offers. Hence, the […]

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