Why Digital Marketing + CRM Go Hand in Hand

While we dive deeper into the internet age, digital marketing has steadily become the forefront of most marketing endeavors. As businesses witness the ever-fierce competition, they understand the need to delve into digital marketing, grow a solid clientele base, and establish efficient lead funnels; yet it doesn’t end there. Digital marketing tactics, no matter how […]

Why Tracking KPIs for Your Medical Spa is Key to Success

It can be easy to take your business (and busyness) at face value when it comes to medical spa management. If your medical spa is flooded with patients and your reception area is bustling, you must be generating considerable revenue, right? At some point, that might be the case, but not always. To witness how […]

How To Boost Your Medical Cosmetic SEO Exposure Online

Get started with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Begin your SEO (search engine optimization) process by identifying the keywords you want to use to boost your ranking. Keywords are the words that people type into Google when looking for the information you provide on your website. For example, if someone is a plastic surgeon in San […]