BOTOX – Hot Keyword & SEO For Your Medical Aesthetic Practices.

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No matter what kind of SEO marketing you would like to achieve for your Medical Aesthetics Practice, Growth99 is here to help. We’ve got you covered whether it’s all about gaining new followers, targeting audiences, and creating blogs online.  Many times, professionals use hundreds of words to help their sites and practices rank in the […]

Your Medical Aesthetics Website Might Be Beautiful. But, Is It Built To Convert People?

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When it comes to first impressions, how essential are they? When it comes to medical spa websites, they’re crucial. The first engagement prospective patients will have with your med spa will most likely be through your website. Medical aesthetics Their first impressions are vital in determining whether or not they will book with your practice. […]

Why Offering Online Booking To Your Clients For Your MedSpa Is Critical To More Bookings

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The wheels that keep your spa or salon spinning are scheduled appointments. So, whether you’re shifting away from pen and paper or saying goodbye to Google Calendar, it’s reasonable that you’re hesitant to change something so significant. However, now that your business is open again, online booking is critical. Because your workforce is busier than […]

How to market Sculptra for your Medical Spa Practice

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Medical spas have a complex business model that balances medical and cosmetic operations and services in a competitive environment. As a result, in a crowded and multi-faceted market, your marketing and advertising efforts will have to work even harder to generate awareness and interest. Even if you have a strong brand, expanding your medical spa […]

How To Market Skin Conditions And Scarring For Your Dermatology Practice

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Skincare consumers who want the best dermatology don’t just ask their friends and family for a recommendation anymore. They are researching the providers and treatments they need for their skincare needs. Most of the time, dermatologists need to be able to meet patients online, make it easy, and make it simple to get care. For […]

The Purpose Of Your Medical Spa’s Website Is To Convert Eyeballs Into Clients.

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Your Medical Spa Website’s Purpose is To Convert Viewers Into Clients When you’re considering doing medical spa marketing, it is best to think ahead of where, when, and how your prospective patients are likely to come across information. Notably, a savvy consumer’s first initiative is getting on the internet, deciding what to research, looking for […]

How to Market PDO Thread Lift Online With Your Medical Aesthetic Practice

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With a thriving medical aesthetic industry, aesthetic practitioners are discovering the vast importance of paying close attention to the business side of things. In this particular field, practitioners’ interest is to utilize robust digital marketing strategies both to attract new clients and keep their regular ones. The good thing is, the internet provides you with […]