How to Handle Negative Google Reviews Directed at Your Medical Practice

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Every medical practitioner must face the hard truth that not everybody will bear the same unified perspective about themselves as professionals. And opinions about their practices may vary widely. For instance, how a particular medical spa renders its services and treatments to its clients may garner positive and negative reviews online. Today, we will talk […]

Growth99 Partners With AmSpa as a Platinum Vendor Affiliate

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The American Med Spa Association, or AmSpa, is a place where medical spa owners and aesthetic practitioners gather and join forces in harmony. The AmSpa has the ultimate mission of providing legal, compliance, and business resources for medical spas and aesthetic practices across the country. Medical spa owners can turn to them to find reliable […]

AmSpa Members Can Save 20% When Signing Up with Growth99

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A strong partnership can lead to massive success in business. Connecting and building a network with people who go in the same direction as you may likely reach various business goals and other mutual benefits for the parties involved. Growth99 has partnered with the American Med Spa Association, or AmSpa, as a platinum vendor affiliate. […]

Growth99 is making News in the Medical Aesthetics World by Helping over 700 Medical Spas around the Country grow with Robust Marketing and CRM Automation

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Growth99 is making news in the medical aesthetics world by helping over 700 medical spas around the country grow with robust marketing and CRM automation software, fast, reliable hosting, and a strong EMR integration to allow medical aesthetics professionals to focus on what they do best. Growth99’s clients have experienced double-digit growth, have no IT […]

Why Having a CRM To Convert Leads To Your Medspa Is Important Going Into 2022

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a concept that many businesses use, especially in the medical spa industry. Therefore, it is always great to learn from experts who are also in the business to become a better provider of medical spa services. A well-designed customer relationship management system (CRM) will pull in data from multiple sources […]

Medical Aesthetics Marketing 101 for 2022 – SEO, Websites, CRM

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Medical spas and medical aesthetic practices are some of the fastest-growing industries. This is mainly because noninvasive treatments have dominated the market, and new technology and a swell of younger patients will only increase demand. Even though this profession is booming and improving, there is a drawback: more competition. Traditional methods of promoting your med […]

Regarding Your Medical Aesthetics Practice With Robust SEO For 2022

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The medical aesthetic industry is booming, and as such, we have seen an increase in the number of treatments and products requested by our clients. However, you may find that your medical aesthetic clinic is in a slump or in need of a boost to keep your revenue up for referrals. Think about what will […]