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Think HUGE and Make It Scary

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Technology has redefined our culture by opening up possibilities that weren’t achievable only a few years ago. Now more than ever, it’s safe to believe there’s no limit to how far our minds can take us. Visualizing the future, not focusing on the limitations of today but on the possibilities that tomorrow holds, is an excellent source of mental power. How? It redirects our energy to discover solutions instead of being soaked in thoughts about our problems.

As such, the ability to think massive is the first step towards breaking out of our shell of self-imposed limits, directing our energy to explore a more promising future, and mapping out the path to put it into reality. Thinking huge does not mean daydreaming or merely imagining a beautiful future. Instead, it’s a mental practice that allows us to take active control throughout our lives. Mastering the art of thinking huge can shift us from being prisoners of our minds to discovering freedom in our thoughts.

Thinking huge can also get scary.

When you think huge, it can be pretty dangerous; but in the best way. Not many realize it, but there is a fine line between our discomfort and delusional zones. Here are some reasons why as you decide to think huge, you also make it scary, but for a good cause:

Getting out of your comfort zone

When you think big, it involves crossing the mental boundary of comfort to step into possible discomfort. Thinking about your goals may trigger feelings of doubt and fear as the path ahead is still a mystery to you. However, you must be careful as this is where things can feel a little bit challenging. It is essential to decipher when we are practical and unreasonable, as it dramatically affects our ability to think big and rationally.

Stumbling on your way up

Imagine climbing the ladder; every step takes you closer to the top. You may stumble and either go down a few steps or fall all the way down. In these critical moments, it would help if you thought differently. The wrong thinking practice may lead to wishful thinking – going back up on the exact steps of the ladder while hoping for a different outcome. Being stuck in this mindset and justifying that you’re only thinking big can prevent you from re-evaluating your strategies, reconsidering your options, and even asking yourself if it’s the right ladder. Hence, knowing when to push forward and when it’s time to take a step back and rethink is critical to thinking big.

Our two cents: As thinking huge has risks and challenges, the key is to strategize thoroughly and aim for your goal with the proper mindset. Sooner or later, you will realize that while you think big, you become intimidating to some, as you can do great things that not everyone can accomplish.

Thinking huge in action

Here’s the thing: great ideas don’t guarantee success, nor do perseverance and hard work. It’s the path you choose to implement those ideas and decisions (big and small) every step of the way, with openness to adjusting your belief system and the courage to shift gears when needed. Thinking big doesn’t end with merely visualizing a better future; it’s the beginning of a commitment to think right toward achieving your goal. Let’s explore how thinking huge looks in action:

  1. Knowing your why and what will follow
  2. Taking that first step
  3. Being consistent and deliberate
  4. Embracing the discomfort and practicing experimentation
  5. Understanding that intelligence is not everything; attitude is.
  6. Not letting others pull you down
  7. Adapting to changes and correcting past mistakes

Think HUGE; Do great things!

Our minds are a significant cursor in how our life turns out. When we aim low and settle for mediocrity, that is most likely all we would get out of life. But when we set our minds to more extraordinary things, thinking huge while learning what works and what does not, we are set to experience more of what other people only dream of achieving!

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