Three must-have items on your medical spa website to convert new clients

Your medical spa patients are the backbone of your entire practice, so understanding their needs and wants is vital to your practice’s growth. Allowing for growth will take time, but knowing the right time and route will benefit the entire process of allowing your website to integrate a wider audience and patient base. A patient can be regular that come to your practice like clockwork, or they may be sporadic. Understanding the needs and wants of your patients will allow you to provide for them in a way that other medspas cannot.

The heart of your business is not the services you provide but the customer base and the treatment of those clients you provide. Knowing what makes your patients want to return is going to keep your practice alive and active. Your patients are essential in keeping your practice vibrant and thriving, but growth needs to happen as well, and strategies are available to ensure that can happen.

Check Out Your Competition

Regardless of the focus of your medical spa, you are going to have a competition base. Knowing and understanding that competition will be in your best interest to see what you have to compete with locally. Medical spa generally offers similar treatment options, but at times they can differ. Knowing these differences will assist you in marketing as well as your service base. Choose at least three spas that are your competitor and research their practice and service, and work on how you can make your practice unique and stand out above the rest.

Determine if you offer a service that your competitor does not provide, or maybe you offer the same service but use innovative technology such as different technology. When your practice provides an incentive or particular pricing option, allow that feature to build your marketing. Focus on what makes your practice unique from the others and keep away from keywords that any medical practice such as quality customer service. This claim almost any business can state whether it is true or not, but your growth will follow when you set your practice above the rest.

Gathering Knowledge on Your Clientele

When you gather information on your clientele, this will allow many advantages to the website, practice, and patients. Demographics are essential because it gives you a target to aim for an age group, gender, or service. Knowing this information will drive your website because you will be aware of what needs to guide and focus your website for your audience.

Gather information such as name, age, service, and how they heard about your practice. When you know what services your clientele is interested in, you can build and grow that innovation for your current and potential patients. Adding how your patients have come to your practice will allow you to target that marketing arena to grow your base audience. All of the options available will guide your website and your marketing to allow proper growth and integration.

Allow the patient to provide feedback after the service ends because this is going to give you a fresh look at how your service reflects on your practice. Communication in this manner will make for a relationship on the first point of entry to your practice and make progression in your practice. This information does not always need to start at the first appointment; having this demographic form on your website will allow for preparation before you even meet the patient.

Offer a follow-up service and review options on your website. A follow-up point of contact such as an email or phone call will give the customer service approach that you will want to leave with your patients. Having an option to leave a review on your website will allow you to address a positive or negative experience immediately.

Develop Buyers Persona

Once you have integrated onto your website the knowledge and features that will benefit your practice and your current and potential patients, you are ready to build your buyer persona. A buyer persona is a fictional person wanting a service that is in high demand. This buyer persona will be a fixture on your website that will be directed to your target audience, which can potentially change from time to time. Websites such as Hubspot is a tool that can assist you in gathering additional research for the appropriate demographics. More than one buyer persona can be created so a broader target audience can be reached.

When you choose a buyer persona to target both men and women, you will broaden your audience. Showing men there is a benefit to the medical spa environment will open the door to new avenues for your practice and your patients. Giving your buyer personas a name, occupation, age, and service will provide an audience that will identify with one of those features. Creating buyer personas that differ from each other will allow your audience to reach over vast avenues.


Your website is the digital foundation of your practice, and with the proper knowledge and design, it will be the voice of your practice and substantially speak to your patients. Allowing a focus on your demographics and building the information needed for growth and innovation will bring a new client base and the potential for massive growth. Having your buyer persona target correct will allow your website the presence that it needs for your target audience and the change it needs.

At Growth 99, this strategy is a science that has developed the area of website design and positive growth through marketing and presence. Our team of professionals works on every avenue of strategy, research, and marketing for a solid base with the opportunity for growth through statistical evidence. Allowing our team to guide this performance will create a website design and components for the entire website to work in unison. When your website is solid, it will give your clientele confidence in the service you are offering.

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